Which is Better Gas Stove or Hob in India?: Best Answer

Lets Find Out Which is better Gas Stove or Hob in India

We have discussed difference between hob and gas stove, gas stove vs hob, which is better hob or cooktop, Which is Better Gas Stove or Hob in India.

When you are undecided about whether you should buy a gas stove or Hob, it isn’t easy to find an easy answer. Moreover, for an Indian kitchen, you might be wondering what will be the best option between gas stove vs hob. That is why we have researched a lot by exploring various expert opinions and options to let you know about the best pieces of information, including the advantage and disadvantages of a gas stove and Hob. 

Therefore, let us first know the basic things about a gas stove and a hob.

What is a Gas Stove or Cooktop?

A gas stove or cooktop is a kitchen appliance that cooks food by heating the gas to high temperatures.

A gas stove or cooktop is an appliance that uses natural gas, liquid propane, or butane to heat the burner. The heat from the burner then cooks food in a pan placed on top of it. Gas stoves are also known as radiant because they distribute heat in all directions instead of just upwards like electric stoves do.

To use a gas stove, you need to have an open flame and some fuel like natural gas, liquid propane, or butane.

Major Parts of a Gas cooktop

The gas cooktop has three parts: the burners, the grates, and the drip pans. The burners are where the flame comes from, located at the front of the stove. The grates are where pots and pans go on top of them; there can be two or three, depending on how many burners there are. The drip pans sit in between all of these, and they collect any liquid that drips off from cooking food to prevent it from burning onto the stove or getting into other pots and pans.

What is a Gas Hob?

Like a gas stove, a gas hob is also a cooking device. A gas hob is different from a gas stove due to the difference in design, functionality, premium features, and cost. A gas hob is more advanced and sophisticated than a gas stove. Therefore, we may call a Hob an advanced gas stove.

Types of Hob

Besides gas hob, there are several other types of Hobs.

Based on Design, Hobs are two types:

  • Built-in Hob
  • Freestanding Hob

Again, based on the type of fuel used, the Hob is of two types

  • Electric hob 
  • Gas Hob

Further, based on building material and other parameters,

hobs are classified into the following type.

  • Induction Hob
  • Ceramic Hob
  • Domino Hob

What are the Major Difference Between Hob and Gas Stove?


A gas stove has nothing to install, and you have to connect the furnace with gas, and there you go. It is as simple as that. 

But the installation of a gas hob is a complex process. If it is a freestanding hob, you can use it just like a gas stove, and you won’t have to install anything. 

In the case of a built-in hob, installation is complex and requires the help of an expert technician. Besides, the slab on which the Hob will be fitted must be prepared beforehand. Also, you have to bear installation charges. 


A gas hob is designed keeping in mind the look and aesthetics of the kitchen. Since it has an ultra-modern design, everything from the body parts to the gas pipe and the cylinder is concealed from our open eye. Only the top portion with burners of the Hob is visible. This offers a stunning finish that goes very well with your modular kitchen.

On the other hand, everything of a gas stove, from the body to the gas pipe, is visible, which does not provide a very encouraging look like a hob.


In terms of functionalities, gas stove and Hob are way different. A gas hob comes with advanced useful features like flame failure technology, auto ignition, safety sensors, Multipurpose burners with separate temperature control, etc. These features make your cooking and comfortable experience. Also, the food is well cooked.

But in a gas stove, most of the features of Hob that we have mentioned are absent. 


Modern gas hobs come with many safety measures like auto-ignition facility and flame failure technology. The flame failure system shuts down the flow of gas from entering the burner the moment the flame goes off accidentally, preventing major fire accidents. 

An ordinary gas stove has no such features. But since it is freestanding and moveable, it can be moved away quickly in case of any fire.


A gas hob is much costlier than a gas stove. Considering the premium features, built quality, and design, the price of a hob is justified. 

On the other hand, gas stove suits the budget of the people of all income group. 

Cleaning and Maintaining

A gas stove is easier to clean than a gas hob. The gas stove has a simple design with less complicated machinery. On the other hand, the gas hob has a complex structure due to the various features. It has multiple parts that are sophisticated. If water leaks into these parts by accident, they might get damaged.

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Advantages and Disadvantages of a Gas Stove

Which is Better Gas Stove or Hob in India


  • Cooking on a gas stove is easy.
  • Suitable for both indoor and outdoor cooking.
  • Different burner sizes offer varied cooking options.
  • Compatible with all kinds of cookware.
  • Less expensive than a hob.
  • Simple design and requires less repairing.
  • Easy to clean and maintain.


  • Open flame is not safe, especially for children and pets at home, and it Heats the surrounding atmosphere.
  • Top glass is prone to crack if it is not of premium quality.
  • Not so pleasing look because every part is exposed.

Advantages and Disadvantages of a Gas Hob

Which is Better Gas Stove or Hob in India


  • Built-in Hob has a clutter-free, clean design.
  • Gas pipe, cylinder, and other parts are hidden under the slab cabinet. Only the top surface of the Hob with burners is visible from the outside. This gives a beautiful look to the kitchen.
  • Very safe to light a fire with an auto-ignition system
  • Has long-lasting built quality.
  • It perfectly goes with modern kitchen decoration.
  • It comes with flame failure technology that prevents wastage of gas and fire accidents.
  • Has advanced heat control mode.
  • Burners are multi-functional.


  • It is not portable if it is a built-in hob.
  • More expensive than a freestanding hob.
  • The kitchen slab requires special cutting and design to install.
  • Installation cost is an extra burden.
  • Spare parts and repairing service is expensive.
  • Not suitable for outdoor cooking.
  • Far costlier than an ordinary gas stove.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is Hob good for Indian cooking?

A hob is crafted with European technology, keeping in mind the cooking need of European people. European cooking and Indian cooking differ in many respects. Europen dishes are cooked on slow and low flame.

However, Indian cuisine requires a high flame for faster cooking. A hob generally produces a low flame. However, recently, companies have come out with Hob that generates tall love and is suitable for Indian cuisine also.

Does hob consume more gas?

Yes it does. Hob is more gas consuming than gas stove.

Are gas hobs safe?

Yes, the gas hob is safe. Various safety features like auto-ignition and flame failure protection prevent fire-related accidents, and therefore Hob is safe to use.

Is built-in Hob safe?

Built-in-hob is less safe than a freestanding hob. The low height of the built-in Hob is easily reachable by children and pets, and it might cause burn injury from fire. However, Freestanding Hob is higher to reach and moveable to a safe place if required.

Which gas hob is easiest to clean?

A glass top hob is easier to clean than a stainless steel top hob because glass does not strongly attract grime or spillage. Allow the glass to cool down first, then gently wipe the surface with a wet cloth by adding some soap liquid.

What is a glass hob?

A hob with a glass top surface is called a glass hob, even though other body parts are steel and other materials.

Conclusion: Hob vs Cooktop which is better

By now you have got a fair idea about which is better gas stove or hob in India. Both gas stove and Hob have their benefits and downsides. It depends upon your need, budget choice, and type of kitchen. If you have a decent budget for a modular kitchen, go for a hob. Otherwise, you can choose a gas stove. What do you think? Tell us in the comment section.

Best wishes.

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