Best Auto Ignition Gas Stove in India 2022: Updated Reviews 

Best Auto Ignition Gas Stove in India  The use of Automation has made our life smooth and simple. How comfortable our life would be if it were on auto mode? Really awesome, isn’t it?

The same goes for automated tools. Kitchen tools are no exception. Naturally, as of kitchen tools, auto ignition gas stoves are gaining steady popularity day by day.

Fortunately, we have gone through in-depth research taking into consideration many aspects like customer feedback, price, product quality, etc., and have compiled the list of the few best auto ignition gas stoves, from which, we are sure, you will find your ideal one.

Best Gas Stove Auto Ignition : Reviews

Glen 4 Burner Glass Gas Stove High Flame Forged Brass Burners Auto Ignition 

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Best Features:

  • Multi spark auto ignition
  • Forged Brass Burners
  • 8 mm toughened glass 
  • Stain and scratch resistant  surface
  • LPG to PNG convertible

Other Details:

With a huge number of satisfied customers, Glen 4 burner auto ignition gas stove is our no. 1 gas stove in the 4 burner auto ignition gas stove category.

Glen is a widely trusted kitchen appliance brand in India.  This gas stove has been designed keeping in mind various kinds of Indian cooking needs. 4 different types of burners( 1  High flame, 1 Big, and 2 small burners) will serve all types of cooking purposes. The burners are placed in such a way that they can accommodate any kind of cooking utensils.

The multi-spark ignition provides safety as well as convenience. With this auto-ignition gas stove, from now on there is no need for any matchstick or lighter to ignite a fire. Just turn on the knob and turn the fire on. Therefore, it is very safe in a house with little children.

An 8 mm glass top is very thick to withstand any kind of rough use. It will not crack or break against moderate to high impact. Moreover, the glass is very easy to clean and maintains its shine for a long time.


  • 360 degree nozzle
  • Anti skid feet for stable cooking
  • Beautiful looking


  • Occupies large space

Elica Glass 4 Burner Auto Ignition Open Gas Stove 

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Best Features:

  • European gas valves
  • Automatic ignition
  • Euro coated grid
  • Heavy brass burners
  • Stainless steel support plate
  • 7 years warranty

Other Details:

Italian brand Elica has revolutionized the Indian market with its premium kitchen gadgets.

This Elica Patio series gas stove is armed with advanced auto-ignition technology. It is very easy to operate and runs on battery or electric power. So, just turn the knob at a certain angle and it will produce fire.

The Burners are made of pure brass and they are heavy. They are designed to handle rough use and will last for many years to come. Also, quality-wise, brass burners are better than aluminum or alloy burners. Besides, they consume less gas to produce a high flame. 

The nonmetallic stainless steel support plate actually protects the glass top from cracks and breakage and enhances its durability. Being made of stainless steel the support place is rust-free and long-lasting.

European advanced technology has been used to make the gas valves and it has been ensured that the valves perform for an extended duration.


  • Long warranty period of 7 years
  • Pure brass burners 
  • Saves LPG


  • After sales service issue in some areas

BLOWHOT Jasper Piezo Auto Ignition Heavy Brass 4 Burner Gas Stove 

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Best Features:

  • Piezo auto ignition
  • Unique Knobs
  • Brass Coated iron burners
  • Stainless steel  dish dish tray
  • Heavy pan stands

Other Details:

Piezo Auto ignition system of BlowHot cooktop has been uniquely crafted. The moment you turn on the knob it lights the burner. It means you don’t have to wait for a few seconds for the flame to come up. It also does away with the need for match sticks or lighter. 

The cooktop frame is made of stainless steel, it will keep the shine intact for a longer duration as good as new. Moreover, it will remain rust-free and scratch-free.

The kobs of an auto-ignition gas stove have a special role to play because it is the knobs that

help produce the fire in the auto ignition. These BlowHot cookTop knobs come with a unique design that will not only attract your attention but also will perform well.

The heavy vessel support system is another advantage as it can withstand rough use during the busy morning cooking hour.

The elegant design of this cooktop will actually add charm to your beautiful kitchen which is very important to maintain aesthetic quality.


  • Toughened glass top
  • Stainless steel frame
  • Easy to clean and maintain


  • Warranty should have been extended

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Thermador Toughened ISI Certified 3 Brass Burner Auto Ignition Glass Gas Stove 

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Best Features:

  • Brass Burners
  • Auto Ignition
  • Heavy duty pan support
  • Door step service
  • ISI and ROHs certified

Other Details:

Thermador 3 burner gas stove auto ignition is our best 3 burner auto ignition gas stove. It has all the features that you want to see in a perfect gas stove like, toughened glass top, brass burners,  auto ignition facility, ISI mark, Doorstep service, and above all price which is surprisingly very cheap.

The auction ignition is battery-free. So, no need to worry about changing batteries frequently. 

The 8 mm thick shatterproof glass top is something unavailable with this price bracket in other big brands.

The mild steel body of this cooktop is from corrosion as well requires minimum maintenance.

The Universal nozzle system is very convenient to use as you can place the gas stove anywhere and connect the gas pipe from left, right, center.

This gas stove has earned a huge number of thumbs up from the customers and naturally, it is one of the highest-selling cooktops in the best auto ignition gas stove in India category.

The ISI certification indicates that the gas stove has undergone robust quality control mandated by the government. 

Among so many branded companies which are fighting to gain the topmost position Thermador is our surprising winner. In our selection, we have given the user opinion the utmost priority and with over 52 percent voting they have given their positive feedback towards this Thermador Gas stove.


  • High customer satisfaction
  • Very low price 
  • ISI Marked


  • Less warranty period  is the only con

Prestige Gst Royale Plus Schott Glass Top Gt03L Auto Ignition

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Best Features:

  • Toughened SCHOTT glass
  • Pure BrassBurner
  • Italian SABAF gas valve 
  • Ergonomic knob
  • Tri pin burner

Other Details: 

Prestige has been a household name in kitchen appliances for a long time. Though it is an Indian brand it has now collaborated with international companies like SChool in Germany and SABAF in Italy. The outcome of the amalgamation of European technology with Indian excellence is this gas stove Prestige Gst Royale Plus Schott Glass Top Gt03L Auto Ignition which is one of the best auto ignition gas stoves in India.

The top highlight of this cooktop is its top glass which is Germany-made Schott Glass. The Schott glass is regarded as one of the toughest of glass tops that are built to tolerate extreme heat. It has been subjected to robust quality checks and certified by top European companies as something unbreakable, heat resistant, and scratch-free. 

Similarly, the SABAF valve imported from Italy is one of the best of its kind. It is an extremely durable valve with high precision that is built to perform trouble-free for quite a long time.

The burners are brass made and hence they work better consuming less gas. Also, the tri pin burners are very suitable for various Indian cooking requirements. Similarly, the 3 burner small, medium, and large are perfect for all types of cooking dishes that may require low, medium, and high flame.


  • Very long warranty period of 10 years on Schott glass.
  • Strongly built body
  • Positive customer feedback


  • Price is a bit  high 

Lifelong LLGS303 Auto Ignition, High Efficiency 3 Burner Gas Stove ISI Certified

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Best Features:

  • Automatic ignition with rotary knobs
  • Highly efficient 3 burners
  • 360 degree multi directional nozzle
  • Spill tray
  • Door step service
  • ISI Marked

Other Details:

For the past few years, Lifelong has captured a significant market share with high-quality yet affordable cooktops. Similarly, this gas stove has been crafted by Lifelog keeping in mind the user-friendliness, efficiency, and safety.

The pan support of this gas stove is very strong and sturdy. They provide balance to the utensils while cooking. Therefore, there is no chance of accidentally falling off the cooking pan from the top of the gas stove.

Also, the anti-skid feet do not allow the cooktop to move to give you a comfortable cooking experience.

The burners are made in such a way that they distribute heat evenly to the entire underneath surface of the cooking vessel.

The doorstep service is an added advantage as you won’t have to bother about its after-sales service in case the need arises.

But the best part of this gas stove is its price. It is astonishingly cheap and affordable.


  • 6 mm toughened glass top
  • Easy to clean
  • ISI certified
  • Not costly


  • Can not be converted from LPG to PNG

Glen 3 Burner Gas Stove Auto Ignition with SS Drip Tray 

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Best Features:

  • Multi spark auto ignition
  • Fuel efficient brass burners
  • Very strong pan support
  • Stainless steel drip tray
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • 2 year warranty

Other Details:

Glen gas stoves are a combination of aesthetics with performance. With this cooktop, you will find almost everything that is expected to have.

The multi-spark auto-ignition facility eliminates the need for external sparking fire sources like gas lighter or match sticks. Turn the knob on and start cooking right away.

The burners are brass made and that is why they take less gas to produce a high flame. So, it is not only fuel-saving but also a cost saver. 

The 6 mm thick blacktop glass is enough to handle any kind of heat and impact of heavy cooking.

This gas stove comes in an all-black avatar-like black body, black glass top.  So, if you’re looking for a gas stove that is a great performer and handsome looking then go with this cooktop. Moreover, the curved corners and wide cooking space add extra benefits to your cooking job.


  • Energy saving burners
  • Strong pan support
  • Stylish looking


  • Customer support issues in some places

Thermador Toughened ISI Certified 2 Brass Burner Auto Ignition Glass Top Gas Stove

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Best Features:

  • Rust free royal black body
  • Heavy duty pan support
  • High efficiency burners
  • ISI and ROHS certified

 Other Details:

Thermador once again has occupied the top position in our best 2 burner auto ignition gas stove in India. You can expect from a gas stove that this company is offering almost at a price. 

Science is ISI marked and it has met all the required safety parameters. Safety is of utmost importance when it comes to gas stoves because here you are dealing with fire. It becomes especially necessary if you have little children at home.

Being a 2 burner gas stove it will perfectly fit wherever you want. Besides, it will save kitchen space. Also, it is transportable. Therefore, if you are a working person and move a lot this gas stove might be your ideal choice.

Many users have rated it high with 5 and 4 stars after using the cooktop. That is why we recommend it to be one of the go-to choices.


  • Positive feedback
  • One of cheapest price
  • Performance better 
  • ISI marked


  • LPG use only

SuryaJwala Toughened Glass Gas Stove Royal Black Auto Ignition 2 Burner

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Best Features:

Auto Ignition

Heavy-duty cast iron burner

Large space for big utensils

Stylishly cute design

Other Details:

 Are you looking for a cute little gas stove that is space-saving, easily transportable, and beautiful to look at? If yes, then go with this SuryaJwala Toughened Glass Gas Stove Royal Black Auto Ignition 2 Burner.

2 burner gas stoves are one of the highest-selling cooktops because they are easy to use and maintain, do the cooking job perfectly, and are not a burden on your pocket. Similarly, this gas stove has all the qualities that a 2 burner gas stove should have. 

It has very good customer ratings and they have welcomed it positively with high star ratings.

If you just follow some useful guidelines that are available with this gas stove then, it will last for a long time.


Positive thumbs up form users

Auto Ignition facility

Very cheap price


The warranty should be at least 2 years.

(FAQs) Frequently asked questions on Best Auto Ignition Gas Stove

What is an auto ignition gas stove and how does it work?

Auto ignition is something by which gas flame is started by just turning on a knob.

A small automatic ignition device is installed in a gas stove or hob. The device produces electrical sparks in the gas flow and fire begins.

Automatic ignition is an inbuilt functionality.

How many types of ignition systems are there?

Broadly, there are two types of ignition systems present in cooking stoves: Manual ignition

  • Auto ignition
  • Manual Ignition

 It is the old and basic ignition mode that has been there since the gas stove was invented. It is the most simple fire source. In this mode, you have to light the gas flame with a match stick or a lighter, or some other external source.

Auto Ignition:

It is the most advanced and modern ignition source of the fire. The automatic ignition system is an inbuilt function that comes with a gas stove. It is very easy to use. You just need to turn the knob on and the flame will happen automatically.

Auto ignition requires electricity to function.

This electricity comes from mainly two different sources.

  • From battery
  • From direct Electricity

Battery-operated auto-ignition is cheaper than direct electricity.

But you need to change batteries often.

On the other hand, though the initial cost of a direct electricity auto ignition gas stove is high, it will last longer than the battery-operated one and there is zero recurring cost other than the electricity bill which is minimal.

Does an auto-ignition gas stove require electricity?

Yes, it does. Autoignition gas stove functions solely on electricity. Electricity is the only source of automatic Ignition. But, don’t get confused, you don’t need direct electricity all the time. 

There are two types of autoignition gas stoves available in the market. Battery operated and direct electricity operated.

But, don’t worry. You can use manual ignition also, in case auto-ignition does not function.

Will a gas stove work when the power is out?

Yes, it will. Basically, auto ignition is an added functionality to the manual ignition system. A gas stove will still work if you can not use auto ignition. In that case, you will have to light a lighter or a match stick to ignite the fire. So, there is nothing to worry about if auto ignition goes out of order or power is out.

Which gas stove is better: auto ignition or manual?

Definitely, auto ignition will be better as it is very safe from fire and easy to use. But auto ignition gas stoves require high maintenance compared to manual ignition ones. Also, the cost is high for auto ignition.

On the other hand, a manual ignition gas stove comes at a cheaper price. They need less maintenance. But, they are old-fashioned and not very safe. You have to be careful while igniting the gas stove as you might burn yourself accidentally.

Therefore, if you have a decent budget and are looking for an ultra-modern gas stove for your modular kitchen, then you can go with an auto ignition gas oven.

Difference between auto ignition and manual ignition gas stove?


Autoignition gas stoves have the topmost safety features. A manual ignition gas stove is not safe enough.

Things to consider before buying the best auto ignition gas stove in India


Autoignition gas stoves are built with sophisticated and complex devices. Naturally, the cost of an automatic ignition gas stove will be fairly higher than the ordinary manual ignition gas stove.

Repairing cost:

The auto-ignition device is prone to go out of order frequently. At times, you may have to change the entire circuit. Therefore, the repair cost will be quite high and recurring. Also, it needs continuous maintenance.


For a battery-operated auto ignition gas stove, you need to change batteries at least once in six months. So, it is a recurring cost. But, the cost of batteries is not high and you yourself can easily replace them.


Look for the auto Ignition gas stove that has spillage protection. Otherwise, the spillage from the overflowing liquid may enter the auto Ignition device and severely damage it. Also, you have to regularly clean and wipe the cooktop to keep it dry and functional. Therefore, you will need extra maintenance for an auto-ignition cook stove.

After-sales service:

Autoignition gas stove demands regular servicing, or else, it might end up going out of order. So, try to purchase the best auto ignition gas stove in India from the company offering the best after-sales service.


Branded companies offer a warranty of at least one to two years. Some are even going further with a 5:year warranty. The more warranty the better it is for auto-ignition as the servicing will be free or minimal during the warranty period.

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