9 Best Single Burner Gas Stove in India 2024: Facts to Know

Single burner gas stoves are very handy for a single person with occasional and small-scale cooking.

We have gone into deeper research to compile the list of the best single burner gas stove in India from the brands like Prestige, Sunflame, Fogger Glen, Hans Etc.

So, read on to find out your best pick for one burner gas stove. Do not forget to check our buying guide and FAQs.

Our Top Picks

Best Performer: Prestige Prithvi Gas Stove Single Burner

Value For Money: Khaitan Black Toughened Glass Cooktop ISI Approved

Overall Best: Hans Portable Gas Stove 2-in-1 LPG & Butane

List of Best Single Burner Gas Stoves in India

Sl. No: Gas Stoves
1.Prestige Prithvi Gas Stove Single Burner
2.Khaitan Black Toughened Glass Cooktop ISI Approved
3.Hans Portable Gas Stove 2-in-1 LPG & Butane
4.Flamingold Single Big Brass Burner Gas Stove
5.TTK Prestige 1 Burner Gas Stove with Marvel Glass Top
6.Fogger Glen Stainless Steel 1 Burner Gas Stove
7.Sunshine Gas Stove Single Burner
8.Sunflame GT Single Burner Gas Stove with 6mm Thick Toughened Glass Top 
9.MACIZO Imperium Single Brass Burner Glass Gas Stove

Now, let’s have one-by-one detailed information about the gas stoves that we just mentioned.

#1. Prestige Prithvi Gas Stove Single Burner

Best Single Burner Gas Stove
Best Single Burner Gas Stove

Quick Highlights

  • Pure brass-made single burner
  • Shiny stainless steel body
  • Press-fit knob
  • ISI marked
  • Gas stove Size:  LengthxWidthxHeight:46x36x16 cm

If you are looking for the best single burner stove in India, then go for this Prithvi model gas stove from Prestige.

With huge positive feedback from customers, the gas stove is really value for money. 

Users who have been using this gas stove for many months have reported satisfaction with its performance.

Prestige has brought to you this 1 burner gas stove at a very reasonable price so that it is affordable to all.

The gas stove comes with a heavy brass burner which is quite capable of handling any rough use.

Being made of pure brass the burner will last for a very long time. 

Also, the body of this gas stove is made of pure silvery stainless steel, and therefore, it is rust-free.

Additionally, the gas stove is ISI certified which is proof that the cooktop is of high quality and very safe to use.


  • 2-year warranty
  • Great performer


  • Some Customers dislike the high legs of the gas stove.

#2. Khaitan Black Toughened Glass Cooktop ISI Approved

Best Single Burner Gas Stove
Best Single Burner Gas Stove

Quick Highlights:

  • 7 mm thick unbreakable glass top
  • Brass-plated CI burner
  • Heat-resistant Bakelite knob
  • Heavy pan support
  • Gas inlet nozzles
  • Rubber legs

Product Details

Khaitan is a famous  Indian brand making a variety of home and kitchen tools and appliances including gas stoves since the year 1985. 

This single-burner cooktop from Khaitan has many excellent features that you should definitely consider.  Some of them we have just mentioned.

With such premium features, you can not have another branded gas stove at such a cheap price. In that sense, it is one of the best value-for-money single-burner kitchen stoves.

You can not have complaints about the toughened top glass as it is 7 mm thick, which is one of the best in class. 

Since it is a very thick toughened glass stop, there will be no issues with the top glass being cracked. Khaitan claims that the glass top is unbreakable as well as scratch-resistant. 

Another Good thing is heat-resistant bakelite knobs. Bakelite does not allow heat to travel through it and therefore it is resistant to heat. Therefore we can use the knob with ease.

For better stability of the cooking pan or pot on the burner, the cooktop has heavy pan support. This will prevent cooking utensils from toppling over the gas stove and accidents. So, it is a very useful safety feature.


  • ISI marked gas stove
  • 1-year warranty
  • Value for money 


  • Warranty should have been 2 years.

#3. Hans Portable Gas Stove – Model 2500LPG [Yellow] – 2-in-1 LPG & Butane

Best Single Burner Gas Stove
Best Single Burner Gas Stove

Quick Highlights:

  • Best-in-class gas stove
  • Auto ignition stove
  • Piezo Ignitor safety lock
  • Best for outdoor cooking

Product Details:

Are you a traveller who loves cooking outdoors? Do you hike a lot in hills and mountains or remote places? Or simply a bachelor?  Then go ahead with this gem of a gas stove from HANS.

HANS is an Indian brand that has formed a joint venture company with the Republic of Korea. 

HANS is well-known for manufacturing camping and hiking tools like tents, socks, Gas canisters, Gas stoves, etc. and this gas stove has been imported from Korea by Hans with certain modifications.

Almost all the customers who have used the gas stove are not only super satisfied but also have spoken highly about its performance and utility. 

The cooktop has a strongly built body which is very suitable to carry. Also, the gas stove comes in a box which is very useful for travelling.

Moreover, the cooktop has dual fuel functions…LPG and Butane. Small gas canisters are attached to this gas stove which makes it self-sufficient in the power source. 

Besides, you can use an LPG cylinder with a gas stove without any issues. 

If you want a very stylish gas stove with advanced features at a reasonable price then this might be your go-to choice.

There are hardly any negatives that we can discuss here.


  • Ultimate user satisfaction
  • Very modern looking
  • Great value for money


  • No significant cons

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#4. Flamingold Single Big Brass Burner Gas Stove

Best Single Burner Gas Stove
Best Single Burner Gas Stove

Quick Highlights:

  • Bhatti-sized jumbo gas burner
  • 7mm toughened glass top
  • Anti-rust stainless steel body
  • Powder-coated pan support

Product Details

This single-burner gas stove from Flamingold is a perfect combination of beautifulness and performance. The stunning look of this gas stove will immediately make you fall in love with it.

On the performance level, the single gas stove is specially designed to withstand heavy use. This heavy work is mostly supported by the extra-large brass burner. 

As the cooktop comes with a very big burner, it is suitable as an ideal single burner gas stove for the hotel.

The burner of this mini gas stove is made of brass and so it is durable as well as can distribute flame evenly.

If you need a large gas burner stove with a big flame then go for this cooktop. This type of gas stove is suitable both for home cooking and at a hotel.

The 7mm toughened glass top is hard enough not to crack or burst even with extreme heat. Not only that, the top glass will enhance the beauty of the kitchen stove to the next level.

Being a single burner gas stove it is very convenient to carry wherever you go.

Therefore, it is perfect for a bachelor who moves about a lot due to job requirements. For a single big burner gas stove price online, you can check Amazon mentioned above.


  • ISI marked gas stove
  • Extra thick top glass
  • Jumbo burner


  • Control Knob could have been better

 #5.TTK Prestige 1 Burner Gas Stove with Marvel Glass Top

Best Single Burner Gas Stove

Quick Highlights:

  • Superior black toughened glass top
  • Brass burner with tri pin
  • User-Friendly knob
  • Spill protection technology
  • Dimension: lengthxWidthxHeight: 42x36x16 cm
  • ISI certified

Product Details

This single-burner gas stove Prestige has all the features that a premium cooktop should have. Some of the features we have just mentioned in the highlights. 

The best part of this gas stove is that it is strongly built with high-quality toughened glass.

Being a glass top it is very easy to clean and the shine of the glass will remain as it is for many years to come.

Moreover, the gas oven is ISI marked meaning it has passed all the quality checks, and also it is very safe to use at home as well as in the office or elsewhere.

The sleek design of this gas stove is very attractive. The all-black outlook is a perfect fit for your kitchen.

The brass burner can generate optimum heat by consuming less gas and the heat distribution is even therefore the cooking time is reduced significantly.


  • Fuel efficient burner
  • Extra drip tray
  • 2-year warranty
  • Ultra-modern look


  • The price is a little bit high

#6. Fogger Glen Stainless Steel 1 Burner Gas Stove

Best Single Burner Gas Stove
Best Single Burner Gas Stove

Quick Highlights:

  • Centre flame brass burner
  • Heavy-duty cooktop
  • Stainless steel support plate
  • Attractive round design

If you are a lover of all steel single burner stoves with an awesome look then Fogger Glen stains steel 1 burner should be your go-to cooktop.

With an almost white stainless appearance, this kitchen stove looks gorgeous. 

Performance-wise the gas stove is capable of handling large cooking assignments with ease. This is because the cooktop comes with a heavy-duty brass burner that is specially built for party cooking. 

One of the interesting features of this gas stove is that the burner has a burner whirlwind design that helps in reducing gas consumption.

Another important feature is inner and out flame rings that actually aid in distributing even flame.

The burner has a centre flame design that ensures food is well cooked with even heat distribution.

Since the stove is easily transportable, it is very handy in party cooking.


  • Easy to clean
  • Whirlwind burner
  • ISI certified


  • No glass top

#7. Sunshine Gas Stove Single Burner

Best Single Burner Gas Stove
Best Single Burner Gas Stove

Quick Highlights

  • Unique Air-LPG Mixing Technology
  • High-grade stainless steel body
  • Tri-pin forged brass burner
  • 5 Days of extra gas saving
  • Ultra-modern Hybrid knob
  • Doorstep service
  • ISI certified

Product Details:

 As a gas stove brand,  Sunshine is quickly gaining popularity in the Indian market by providing quality products.

This Sunshine single burner gas stove also is packed with useful features that we have just mentioned in the highlights.

The cooktop comes with a very efficient forged brass burner. A forged brass burner is a mixture of aluminium and brass.

It is not only durable but also can generate heat quickly. It, therefore, helps in fast cooking. 

If you are searching for a gas stove that actually saves gas, then you can go with this Sunshine cooktop. 

One of the most important features of this gas stove is that it comes with unique AIR-LPG Mixing Technology.  

The diecast aluminium mixing tube assists in producing a blue flame. Blue flame generates superior heat to yellow flame.

As a result, cooking will be faster with a blue flame and hence it will save LPG gas.

But, how much gas can this gas stove save? Well, Sunshine is claiming that the cooktop will SAVE UPTO FIVE DAYS OF GAS. Therefore, saving on gas it will save you money.


  • Durable Euro Coated pan support
  • Gas saving cooktop
  • 1 year Doorstep warranty


  • Service centres are not available everywhere

#8. Sunflame GT Single Burner Gas Stove with 6mm Thick Toughened Glass Top

Best Single Burner Gas Stove
Best Single Burner Gas Stove

Quick Highlights

  • 6 mm toughened glass top
  • Strongly built gas stove
  • Super big fuel-efficient brass burner
  • The stainless steel drip tray
  • Anti-skid legs

Product Details:

 As a gas stove brand, Sunflame is quite popular in India. The company has been serving customers with products that are durable and perform well. The proof of this statement is the wide positive feedback from users.

This single burner gas stove comes with unrivalled features that a premium gas stove should offer.

The 6 mm thick toughened glass top is quite a beauty in look and performance. Sunflame has gone all black with this gas stove, this adds a wonderful finish to it.

Not only that, being glass made it is quite easy to clean and maintain. 

If you are a single person or have a very small family and also have no time for maintenance then, go with a gas stove. It will save you time as this cooktop requires minimal maintenance.

The knob is ergonomic meaning it is very friendly to use. Also, it is made from virgin plastic and hence easy to hold on grip and handle even with an oily hand.


  • Extra spacious
  • Scratch-resistant glass
  • Elegant looking


  • Rubber legs quality could be improved.

#9. MACIZO Imperium Single Brass Burner Glass Gas Stove 

Best Single Burner Gas Stove
Best Single Burner Gas Stove

Quick Highlights:

  • Stylish black body
  • Stainless steel drip tray
  • Tri-pin brass burner
  • User-friendly knob
  • Stove Size:  LengthxWidthxHeight: 24x27x6 cm

Product Details:

Are you looking for a value-for-money single-burner gas stove? If yes, then we have got a Macizo gas stove for you.

 It is a surprise that the company has packed all the required features and the price is one of the lowest. That is why the customers have responded with huge feedback.

The beautiful glass top with a black body cooktop is really pleasing to look at.  Also, it has a smaller dimension and hence it is very easy to transport.

This makes the cooktop an ideal choice for frequent traveller who loves to cook by themselves.

Though the company has not specified the thickness of the toughened glass top, we think the glass is thick enough to withstand moderate heat.

Customers also have little issues with the top glass.

If you follow certain safety parameters as well as Dos and Don’ts, then we believe the gas stove will last longer.


  • Cheapest price
  • 1-year warranty
  • High positive feedback


  • Little known company

Buying Guide of the Best Single Burner Gas stove in India

When you are planning to buy a single burner gas stove, you need to consider several things that will be handy to pick up the appropriate gas stove for you.

Best Single Burner Gas Stove


The first thing is why do you want to buy a single burner gas stove? If you are a single person or an occasional cook then you can go for a one burner gas stove.

Otherwise, if you love cooking and are running short of time, then you have to choose one with multiple burners.

Again, if you travel a lot and love to cook by yourself and don’t not like readymade food from hotels, then a single burner gas stove might prove your perfect companion.

It is especially useful when due to social distancing you do not want to visit hotels or restaurants.

Glass top Or Stainless steel top

 It depends upon your taste and preference. Stainless steel gas stove is an age-old thing and very durable with minimum maintenance requirements. 

However, now is the time for aesthetics and performance.

A glass top gas stove looks quite beautiful and it perfectly matches your modular kitchen. It also expresses your taste and sense of beauty as a person. 

A wide range of single burner glass top gas stoves is available from a plethora of companies.

But we have made your job simple by analyzing some of them that are best in class and liked by the users. So, do check our list before you finally buy one.

Best Features

Nowadays, companies are vying with each other by offering the best of features at a reasonable price. The customers are the highest gainers of this sheer competition among companies.

Go for the gas stove that offers maximum useful features at a minimum price.

Burner Quality

Brass burners are the best when it comes to gas stoves.

There are lots of useful advantages of burners made of brass like, the heat retention capacity of the brass burner is the highest.

Brass lasts longer than aluminium, also brass is resistant to rust and corrosion. So, always prefer the Brass burner cooktop.

ISI Certification

ISI stands for Indian Standards Institution.

It is a government organization that regulates and checks the quality and safety of the products including gas stoves. 

A cooktop with an ISI mark is an assurance from the government that the gas stove is safe to use and the material quality is standard. So, You should prefer ISI-certified gas stoves.


Price is always a huge factor to decide upon a gas stove purchase. It is connected with our affordability.

Many times our affordability, requirements, and taste do not match.

Generally, the single burner gas stove is not a huge burden on your pocket, and don’t go for the gas stove just because it is cheap.

Otherwise, you may end up wasting your money.

Therefore, choose wisely and even though the gas stove is costly for you right now, it may pay you rich dividends in the form of good performance and durability.

Advantages of a Single Burner Gas Stove

  • A single burner gas stove is fuel efficient meaning it consumes less gas.
  • Easy to maintain and clean.
  • Easily transportable 
  • Best for a single person  or 2 member family
  • Perfect for outdoor cooking
  • Design is not so complicated compared to a multi-burner gas stove
  • Cleaning requires less time and energy
  • Price is very less than the 2 or 3 burner gas stove
  • Less resources are used, hence eco-friendly.

Disadvantages of a Single Burner Gas Stove

  • Not suitable for a family of more than 3 members.
  • Cooking time is longer
  • Can not cook the multi dishes at a time
  • Not so time-saving
  • Not recommended for a busy person with little cooking time.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs) On the Best single burner gas stove in India

What is the price of a single gas stove?

The price of a single burner gas stove ranges from INR 500 to 2500. Depending upon your budget, the best single burner gas stoves will cost you around INR 1550 to2500.

A 1-burner gas stove is suitable for how many people?

A 1 burner gas stove is most suitable for a single person with few cooking assignments.
However, it can also be used for families of 2 to 3 members. Since only one dish can be cooked at a time, it will take more time if you cook multiple dishes.

 Can we have a Single burner modular gas stove?

Yes, it is possible to have a single-burner modular gas stove for your modular kitchen. Brands like HANS, Prestige TTK, Sunflame, Fogger glen etc manufacture gas stoves that fit as a modular gas stoves.

Will gas stove brass burners go black in one day?

Generally not. Whether the brass burners will turn black quickly or not depends upon the quality of the flame.  A black stain on the burner is produced by the carbon present in the flame. The carbon content in the blue flame is minimal and maximum in the yellow flame. Ensure that the flame is blue and it will not blacken the burner easily.

Should one buy a gas burner stove online or not?

It is perfectly alright for everyone to buy a gas stove online. In fact, the online platform provides various discounts and offers every month and the return policies are also very simple if you face any issues with the gas stove.

Which is the best single burner gas stove?

Best Single Burner Steel gas stove:
Prestige Prithvi Gas Stove Single Burner
Best  Single Burner Glass Top  Gas Stove:
Khaitan BP-JIO Black Toughened Glass Cooktop1 Burner Gas Stove
Best Overall: 
Hans Portable Gas Stove – Model 2500LPG [Yellow] – 2-in-1 LPG & Butane

Before We  Wrap up…

According to our latest research, the gas stoves that we discussed here are the best single burner gas stoves in India.

While Including the gas stoves in our list, we have given utmost priories to customer opinion and feedback and this will help you pick up your ideal gas stove.

Hope you are satisfied with our detailed guide about the Best Single Burner Gas Stove in India. If you have any queries do comment below. We will love your valuable comments.

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