5 Best Geyser for Hard water in India: Buying Tips

Best Geyser for Hard water in India. A water geyser has three major parts–a water tank, heating elements, and a thermostat that controls the heating process. You may end up wasting your money if your water source is hard water and you have not bought a geyser for hard water.

Yes, it is true. 

Dissolved magnesium and calcium of hard water get deposited on the surface of the inner tank and heating elements and form scaling which corrodes and damages the entire machine.

So, before you buy the best Geyser for hard water in India, you should check our detailed buying guide which you can find later in this post.

First, let us find out which geyser is best for hard water.


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Now, let us dive deep into our analysis of the best hard water heater that will suit you.

AO Smith Geyser 15 Ltr Vertical Storage | Best Geyser for Hard water No:1

Best Geyser for Hard waterBest Geyser for Hard water


We consider AO Smith Geyser 15 Ltr Vertical Storage | AO Smith SGS-015 Green Series Geyser as the No1  best geyser for Hard water in India.

To deal with hard water issues AO Smith has come up with an alloy anode rod. This alloy anode rod is better than the magnesium anode rod because it will last twice longer than the magnesium rod. Therefore, it is cost-saving.

 It is also highly effective in collecting salt and other dissolved materials from hard water which are responsible for scaling and forming rust inside the elements and water tank.

It consumes electricity of 3000W and has an 8-bar pressure capacity. If you live in a high-rise building, then 8 bar pressure water geyser will be sufficient. Besides, more advanced features come with 8 bars compared to 7 bars and fewer geysers.

  Additionally, to prevent scaling and rusting, the water tank and elements are coated with glass enamel. It is very good to extend the life of a geyser with a hard water source.

Further,  to ensure long-lasting performance, it has a warranty of 7 years on the Water tank, 3 years on Elements, and 2 years on the overall product.

Also, free installation is provided by the company in metro cities.


  • It comes will an alloy anode rod which is very effective in hard water treatment.
  • 3000W power ensures quick heating and will actually save electricity.


  • The glass-lined tank and elements produce a cracking sound. But it can be removed by installing a hard water softener that does not cost much.
  • No installation kit with the product.

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V-Guard Geyser 10 litre 5 Star | Free connection Pipes | Free Installation | Best Geyser in India for Hard water No:2

Best Geyser for Hard waterBest Geyser for Hard water


If you are looking for a very particular water geyser that will be one of the Best Geysers for Hard water, then go for this model of  V-Guard. It has been specifically designed to handle hard water. The brand has provided a very thick magnesium anode rod that attracts all the hard water elements. 

Magnesium anode rod gets decayed within one or two years by collecting dissolved particles from hard water. So, you need to change the anode rod frequently to keep the water geyser in better condition.

But, with this extra thick magnesium anode rod, you won’t have to change it regularly.

 So, it is an additional advantage.

This geyser also comes with 9 bar pressure which is good at this price. Also, it consumes less electricity which is  2000W. It has a vitreous enamel-coated inner tank. Vitreous is nothing but glass, so the tank is glass coated and it is better for hard water.

Moreover, the Incoloy 800 heating element ensures faster heating. It has a long warranty period of 7 years on the inner tank, 3 years on heating elements, and 2 years on the product.


  • An extra thick Magnesium anode rod
  • Heat retains for a longer duration
  • Lots of features considering the price


  • Installation is not free 

 Venus Celo 15CV 15 Litre Storage Geyser 5 Star | Best Geyser for Hard water No:3

Best Geyser for Hard waterBest Geyser for Hard water


Venus Celo Geyser is one of the best geysers for hard water. It is a feature-packed geyser with high performance. It comes with 8 bar pressure with 2000W electricity consumption.

The geyser is armed with a magnesium anode rod to fight hard water. Besides,  it has a temperature display and heat regulator knob.

Moreover, the tank comes with a metal body and is coated with glass enamel.

Another premium quality is faster heating and heat retention. This is done by using Incoloy 800 technology. 

Fast heating and water remaining hot for a long time save energy and money.

It comes with a warranty of 7 years on the water tank, 3 years on heating elements, and 2 years on the product.

This promise of warranty by the company is proof of its quality.

The quality and safety of this product are further guaranteed by its ISI Certification.


  • Value for money features
  • Installation kit included


  • Free installation only in metro cities

Bajaj New Shakti Geyser 15 ltr 5 Star | Best Geyser for Hard water No: 4

Best Geyser for Hard waterBest Geyser for Hard water


The most important features of a water geyser are that it should long last and perform without trouble and it will retain heat for an extra duration by consuming less electricity.

Bajaj New Shakti Geyser 15 ltr 5 Star | Bajaj Shakti Geyser 15 Litre has almost all the features just mentioned. It has a titanium glass-lined enamel-coated mild steel water tank which is built to last long. 

A very thin layer of titanium coating has been applied to the surface of the inner tank and this helps in keeping the water hot for a long time. Also, the geyser has 8 bar pressure along with 2000W electricity consumption. The 5-star rating indicates that it will consume less electricity.

It has an advanced Whirlflow technology that prevents hot water from mixing with cold one. That is why hot water remains hot for a longer duration.

Bajaj geysers are one of the highest-selling geysers. This proves that customers are satisfied with its performance. Also, the price is very affordable, which is another factor behind its popularity.


  • Trusted brand with high customer satisfaction
  • Not many complaints from users


  • No free installation kit
  • A shorter warranty period of 2 years only.

Usha Aquerra 15 Litre Storage Geyser 5 Star  Rated | Best Geyser for Hard water No:5

Best Geyser for Hard waterBest Geyser for Hard water


If you consider features and performance then, Usha Aquaria 15 Litre Storage Geyser 5 Star will be one of the best. This geyser comes with 8 bar pressure along with 2000W electricity usage. The magnesium anode rod will protect the geyser from scaling, rust, and corrosion.

The glassine enamel coating also protects the water tank and its elements. But, the top feature of this geyser is its Swirl Flow mechanism. It does not allow hot and cold water to mix with each other.

More than that, it has a super long warranty period of 8 years on the tank, 3 years on heating elements, and 2 years on the product, which makes Usha one of the most trusted brands. Also, it is an Indian brand and we must support anything Indian.


  • Value for money geyser with affordable price
  • Better performance


  • Other than Metro cities, service is poor in smaller towns and cities.

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 Buying Guide for the Best Geyser for Hard water

One of the most commonly seen problems with hard water is the formation of scaling. Hard water has a high concentration of iron which causes scaling in the inner side of a water tank. Scaling is a  kind of rust that corrodes the wall of a storage tank if it is not maintained properly. Therefore, it is better to have a geyser that can effectively handle hard water scaling issues.

If you are confused about how to select the best geyser for hard water in India, then we have curated the list of the best geysers for hard water from which you can easily pick the most suitable one for you.

But, hold on a second.

How can you find out whether your water source is hard water or soft water? Well, to know the answer you need to go through our detailed guide about how to buy the best geyser for hard water. 

What is Hard Water?

Water in which magnesium, calcium, and ferrous (iron) are dissolved in large quantities is called hard water. Magnesium and calcium are present in hard water in the form of salts like magnesium sulfate, magnesium bicarbonate, calcium carbonate, calcium sulfate, etc. The presence of iron also makes the water hard. 

What is soft water?

Water that is free from the salts of calcium and magnesium is known as soft water.

What are the differences between Hard and Soft water?

Hard water

  • High concentration of magnesium and calcium salts
  • Hard to get foam and lather from soap
  • Magnesium and calcium create hard scaling inside the water tank, pipe kettle etc
  • Brown or yellow spots are seen on cooking dishes and utensils and washed clothes 
  • Requires a lot of soap and detergent
  • Damages water tanks, clog pipes
  • Comes from groundwater where there is the presence of magnesium and calcium in soil.
  • Creates dry skin and dry hair issues
  • Good for health as drinking water if magnesium and calcium are present within specified limits.

Soft water

  • Low or free from calcium and magnesium
  • Easily produces lather and foam when soap is mixed with water
  • No such formation of scaling or hard disposition
  • Free from spots and stains
  • No wastage of soap and detergent
  • No such damage happens
  • Present in rainwater etc
  • Skin and hair remain soft and silky
  • No so good as drinking water

How to know if the water is hard or soft?

The following tests will tell us whether it is soft water or hard water.

Soap test

Mix soap with water. If it does not produce any foam/ lather or very little foam then it is hard water. 

Calcium and magnesium dissolved in hard water react with soap fats and form a curd-like layer without producing foam or lather.

Check cooking utensils:

Hard water generally leaves brown or yellow spots. If you notice any such stain mark on them then the water is hard water.

Scaling or solid disposition:

Check the insides of your water tank, water spout, coffee maker, and tea kettle. If any hard disposition or scaling is noticed then the water is hard water. 

5 Tips to protect Geyser from the damage of hard water

Corrosion Resistant  Water Tank

Certain tanks are specially designed to prevent decay and corrosion. Corrosion happens when the hard deposition of magnesium and calcium forms scales and rust. So, go for the geyser that offers a water tank protected with inline glass enamel or titanium coating.

Choose a geyser with the Magnesium anode rod

Magnesium anode rod actually collects dissolved minerals like magnesium, calcium, etc so that they can not form a hard layer inside the water tank.

Set heating point at low temperature

 When water is heated, hot and boiled water discards dissolved particles of iron, calcium, and magnesium and they get settled at bottom of the water tank and create scaling. So, the lower the temperature, the less will be the hard disposition.

Buy  water softer

This is the best way to solve hard water issues. Install water softer at the source of water. This will make hard water soft by removing magnesium and calcium.

This will not only protect your water geyser but also other tools and appliances like washing machines, electric kettles, stainless steel utensils, etc.

Use water filter

Install a water filter with the supply water pipe leading to your geyser. This will remove iron and other particles and will save the geyser from corrosion and rust.

These filters are not costly and available in the market.

Secret Tips to remember before buying  the best electric geyser for hard water

Price of geyser

Before buying anything including a geyser the first that comes to our mind is the price of that product.  In many cases, we check the price first then we look for the features.

So, decide how much you spend on a geyser and what features you are looking for in a water geyser. The list that we have provided here will fit the budget of most of the users. However, choice and capacity differ from person to person. 

Geyser  water storage capacity

Choose a geyser size based on your family size.

For 2 persons with a child, a 10-liter geyser is sufficient.

For a 3 to 4 member family, 15 Litre is ideal.

For more than 4 member family go for 25-litre geyser.

Having said that, the capacity may still vary according to the water usage. If you take a long shower in a cold atmosphere, then you might need a bigger storage geyser. But, we will urge you to save water.

Protection from hard water corrosion

Pick that geyser that has extra protection against corrosion, rust, and scale from hard water. Glass coated enamel tank and the titanium-coated tank will provide you with the best protection. It will not only extend the life of a geyser but also save money.

Electricity consumption

Go for the geyser that saves energy. Bureau of Energy Efficiency (BEE) specified geysers with star ratings are the best.

4 stars and 5 stars rated geysers save maximum electricity. So, try to buy the geyser with higher star ratings because a higher number of stars means lesser energy consumption.

Besides, some advanced features of a geyser-like fast heating, and titanium coating, will save energy.

Again, other factors like quality of water, water pressure, and weather are some of the factors that determine energy consumption. So, consider all these aspects before buying a geyser.


Again, a warranty is an important factor in purchasing a geyser. Some brands are offering 7 to 8 years of warranty.

The more the better. Within the warranty period, it is the responsibility of a company to take care of the geyser if anything goes wrong. So, with an extended warranty period, you remain trouble-free.

Customer Feedback

It is a smart thing to have a look at the opinion of the customers who are actually using the product. So, they will provide you with unbiased feedback, pros, and cons about a particular geyser.

This valuable information will help you a lot to make decisions about your purchase. You can easily check customer reviews on platforms like Amazon by visiting the site.

Installation and After-sales service

These are the two vital points to consider.  Most companies offer free installation services. However, a few of the charges for installation. Therefore, check this aspect before buying.

Also, look for the after-sales service of the company that you are choosing. Most of the brands provide quick and free installation services in Metro cities.

But, when it comes to smaller cities and towns the service sometimes becomes very poor and pathetic.

So, before selecting geysers from a brand, check very well as to whether they offer better customer service in your area or not.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs) on the Best Geyser for Hard Water

Which geysers are best for hard water?

#1. Bajaj New Shakti Storage 25 Litre Vertical Water Heater, White, 4 Star (43.3 x 44.1 x 57 cms)

#2. Havells Monza EC 25-Litre Vertical Storage Water Heater (Geyser) with Flexi Pipe, White 5 Star

#3. AO Smith SDS-GREEN SERIES-015 Storage 15 Litre Vertical Water Heater (Geyser) White 5 Star

#4. Crompton Amica 15-L 5 Star Rated Storage Water Heater with Free Installation and connection pipes (White)

#5. V-Guard Victo 25 Litre Water Geyser with Free Pan India Installation and Free Inlet and Outlet Connection Pipes (White)

#6. VENUS Magma Plus 15GV 15-Litre(White), Scale Guard Technology with Double Ceramic Heating Elements – 5 Star

#7. Racold Pronto Neo 3 Litres 3Kw Vertical Water Heater, White

#8. Crompton Solarium Qube Electric Water Heater(storage)15 Litres 2000 Watt,230V AC,50Hz(ASWH-2415)…

Does geyser soften hard water?

Yes, it does. Some geysers are specially designed to treat hard water.

This type of geyser comes with a magnesium anode rod that collects magnesium and calcium salts dissolved in hard water and the water becomes a kind of soft water.

So, if you have a hard water supply at your home, make sure to buy a geyser with a magnesium anode rod.

What is the best water heater for hard water with TDS greater than 1200 ppm?

Havells Monza EC 25-Litre Vertical Storage Water Heater (Geyser) is one of the best water heaters currently available on the market to deal with hard water TDS of more than 1200 ppm.

This Havells Monza EC is specifically manufactured to deal with extremely hard water conditions. 

Water becomes extremely hard when the percentage of total dissolved solids (TDS) reaches an insane level like 1200ppm.

This kind of water is not only unsuitable as drinking water but also can damage water heater, water geyser, electric kettle, etc.

Minerals like magnesium, and calcium are particularly responsible for making water hard. In this case, you need a water softener to make the hard water into soft water.

Overall Best

Best Geyser for Hard waterBest Geyser for Hard water

AO Smith SDS-GREEN SERIES-015 Storage 15 Litre Vertical Water Heater (Geyser) White 5 Star

Best Performer

Best Geyser for Hard waterBest Geyser for Hard water

V-Guard Victo 10 Litre Water Heater with Free Installation & Free Connection Pipes (BEE 5 Star Rated), White (10 Litre)

Best in Class

Best Geyser for Hard waterBest Geyser for Hard water

Venus Celo 15CV 15-Litre Storage Water Heater (Ivory, BEE Star Rating - 5 Stars)

Best Value for Money

Best Geyser for Hard waterBest Geyser for Hard water

Bajaj New Shakti Neo 15L Metal Body 4 Star Water Heater with Multiple Safety System, White

Best Buy

Best Geyser for Hard waterBest Geyser for Hard water

Usha Aquerra 15 Litre 5 Star Storage Water Heater (White)

Final Words

While buying the best geyser for hard water keep in mind the points like Electricity consumption, inbuilt materials, warranty, and performance.

Nowadays, most heaters from branded companies like AO Smith, Bajaj, Crompton, Racold, etc has an inbuilt feature to deal with hard water. In these heaters, a magnesium anode rod is available, that gathers TDS like magnesium, calcium, and iron to make the water soft.

Based on these aspects we have selected the water geysers. If anything is left out we will definitely discuss it in the future. We appreciate your valuable feedback and suggestions in the comment box.


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