3 Burner Gas Stove is Good or Bad for your home or luck?

3 Burner Gas Stove is Good or bad?

Let’s find out.

If you are recently buying a gas stove and are confused about whether a 3 burner gas stove is good or bad for you, you have to consider some factors that may or may not be applicable for you.

Advantage of a 3 burner gas stove

  • A 3 burner gas stove is neither too small nor too big 
  • Its long, slender shape does not occupy much kitchen space
  • For a 4 to 5 member family, 3 burner gas stove is a very good option. 
  • Also, the price is much less and affordable compared to 4 burner or 5 burner gas stove

2 Burner Vs 3 Burner Vs 4 Burner Gas stove. Which is the best option?

Most of the time you need two burners to cook almost all your dishes. But if you are in hurry and do not have enough time to spend during the busy morning hour, then a 3 burner gas stove will be your savior. You can easily cook three different meals at the same time. According to our assumption, most people can cook three types of dishes at a time. So, the 4th burner of a 4 burner gas stove will be useless and a waste of money.  Therefore, a 3 burner gas stove will be the ideal choice for the majority of Indian housemakers.

3 burner gas stove is the most space-saving

Nowadays, kitchen space is becoming shorter and shorter considering the high cost of living space. Each inch of our home or flat matters. So, we want to maximize our kitchen space usage so that we can accommodate various types of essential modern gadgets like a micro oven, mixer grinder, air fryer, coffee maker which are mostly placed on the kitchen slab. 

Therefore, on a heavily crowded kitchen slab, it will be a burden to place a gas stove that occupies a large space.

Having a slim and slender built, a 3 burner gas stove will not only save your valuable kitchen space, but it will also be very user-friendly.  You can fit it anywhere you want whether you have a wide kitchen slab or a narrow one, it does not matter at all.

3 burner gas stove is good or bad as per Vastu?

Number 3 has nothing to do with Vastu. It is actually related to numerology. Vaastu Shastra is the Indian equivalent to modern architecture that deals with the construction of houses, buildings, and other such structures.  Vaastu speaks about the sustainable coexistence of architecture without disturbing the balance of nature and its elements like air, water, fire, sunlight, soil, etc.


If we look at number 3 from the numerological point of view, we find that No. 3 is governed by Jupiter, the king of all planets. This number is associated with riches and brings good luck for you. So, it is absolutely fine if you choose anything with number three, be it a 3 burner gas stove or any other objects.

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