12 Best Ceramic Cookware in India with Buyer’s Guide

If you are looking for 100 percent ceramic cookware in India, Best Ceramic Cookware in India, best ceramic cookware brands in India Like Prestige, Greenpan, Meyer, then we have exclusive details for the same.

The market is flooded with Teflon coated cookware but many of us aren’t aware that they are harmful. Do we have better alternatives? Yes, we have. Ceramic cookware. Check out our list of best ceramic cookware in India with a buyer’s guide.

Best Ceramic Cookware Brands in India

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Impex PEARL-KSF484 Ceramic Coated Nonstick Aluminium 3 Piece Cookware Set of Kadai Pan, Sauce Pan & Fry Pan, Coffee Brown

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Quick Highlights:

  • 3 layer Ceramic coated non stick aluminium body
  • Metal spoon friendly
  • Heat proof bakelite handle
  • Low oil cooking
  • 2.5 thick spiral bottom

Impex ceramic nonstick cookware comes with premium-grade ceramic inner coating and an attractive golden brown outer body. The ceramic coating is great at resisting heat.

This Impex ceramic cookware set India comprises a frying pan of 24 cm, a kadhai of 24 cm and an 18 cm saucepan. Additionally, 4 wooden spoons are included with the set.

You Need not worry about the toxicity of the coating as the cookware is PFOA free which is harmful to health. The heatproof bakelite handles do not allow heat to pass into your hand and hence it is comfortable to handle.

a 3 mm thick body with spiral bottom ensures faster heating. The triple layer non-stick ceramic coating can withstand very high temperatures offering you the ease of cooking at the quickest time possible.

Being a high-grade non-stick cookware set it facilitates low oil cooking which is very good for your health.

Moreover, since the cookware does not react with food, it maintains the taste and nutrition value of the cooked food.


  • Anti-skid glass lid
  • One year warranty
  • Water-resistant


  • The warranty should have been 2 years

Farberware 10657 12.5″ Aluminum Skillet, Black

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Quick  Highlights:

  • Copper slide technology for superior ceramic
  • 90 percent better food release
  • Sturdy and comfortable grip
  • Dishwasher safe

If you are looking for ceramic cookware that is high performing as well as stylish looking then go for this Farberware aluminium skillet. The cookware has been turned into a non-stick ceramic one by employing copper slide technology.

With a diameter of 12.5 inches, this deep bottomed pan can handle any kind of cooking job from making omelettes to curries.

The aluminium used in this cookware is of premium quality ensuring fas and even heating which is essential for the food to cook well.

The skillet comes with a true non-stick functionality since it is capable of 90% better food release than the cookware from other brands. This makes sure that food does not stick to the bottom even with a lower oily surface.

Also, being a real non-stick ceramic kitchenware, it is very easy to clean and maintain its shiny brown look. Additionally, it is dishwasher safe which makes your cleaning job a breeze.

The easy-grip handle offers you maximum control on the cookware during cooking as you need to hold the handle while searing or frying something with frequent stirring.


  • Very spacious
  • High consumer satisfaction
  • Value for money buy


  • The copper coating could have been better

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Prestige Deluxe Ceramic Cookware, 3 Piece Set with Induction Base

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Quick Highlights:

  • Water based ceramic coating
  • Thick long lasting body
  • Strong handles
  • Metal spoon can be used

Prestige ceramic cookware is among the top cookwares in India. This ceramic cookware set comes with a 220 mm kadai with glass lid, 220mm frying pan and a sauce pan with 160 mm diameter.

The cookware set has been made durable and nonstick with a very strong water based ceramic coating that is not hazardous for health.

Prestige has taken care of every minute detail while crafting this ceramic cooking set. 

Robust handles have been attached with the cookware, so that they  do not get loosen for a long time.

Also, the cookware set has a stunning look that will immediately  attract the attention of the guests visiting your house. The  beautifully blue cookware set  is an appropriate match for your modular kitchen.


  • Beautifully crafted
  • Induction compatible
  • Reasonable price


Ceramic coating could be better

Meyer Anzen Healthy Ceramic Coated Aluminum Cookware Kadai with Lid, (30cm, Grey)

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Quick Highlights:

  • 100% toxic free  ceramic cookware
  • Free from cadmium, nickel, arsenic
  • No PFOA and PTFE
  • Optimum heat transfer
  • Best in class ceramic cookware

Are you against using Teflon coated non-stick cookware that might emit toxins? Are you looking for a hundred per cent safe cookware that will offer the highest performance? If yes, then you can surely go with this ceramic-coated aluminium cookware from Meyer. 

Those who know Meyer are not least doubtful about its quality since the company does not compromise with quality. 

Meyer knows the needs of the customers. That’s why they are consistently producing cookware that can serve the highest value to the users.  Accordingly, consumers are totally satisfied with Meyer ceramic cookware and they have given thumbs up to the product with maximum numbers of 5 star and 4-star ratings. You yourself can check it. 

The kadhai with a toughened glass lid is perfect for anything you cook. Special care has been taken in even heat distribution which is essential for the food to cook well. The supreme grade aluminium is efficient enough to retain heat. 

The ergonomic handles are very comfortable to hold by hand while cooking. The two large stay-cool silicone handles allow you to cook food effortlessly and safely as no heat travels to your hand from the handles due to the silicone cover.


  • Best alternative to non stick cookware
  • Does not emit toxic smoke
  • Retains food taste as it is


  • Price is high

Greenpan Rio 24 cm Ceramic Non-Stick Aluminium Coating Open Frying pan, Black/Cream White

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Quick Highlights:

  • 100% PFOA and PTFE free
  • Overheat protected
  • Stay cool bakelite handle
  • Oven safe 

Nowadays people are preferring ceramic cookware instead of Teflon coated non-stick cookware.  This is because Teflon coating releases harmful toxins when overheated. 

But this ceramic-coated non-stick aluminium frying pan has taken care of all these safety concerns. The cooking pan comes with one hundred per cent PFOA and PTFE free which are toxic and hazardous for health.

Greenpan is a reputed brand from Belgium.  The company gives special importance in producing eco-friendly products without harming nature and our health. So, it is natural that anything ecologically helpful will not harm our health either. That’s why no toxic materials have been used to manufacture this ceramic cook pan.

Moreover, the kadhai does not produce any toxic fumes when you accidentally overheat the pan. Therefore, it is definitely safe to use.

Another important feature is the bakelite handle. With stay, cool technology bakelite does not allow heat to travel to your hand. This makes cooking comfortable as you have to hold the handle many times while cooking and the handle remains cool all the time.


  • Eco friendly
  • Energy efficient


  • Not induction compatible

famacart Enigma Ceramic Cookware Set, 2500ml, 1 Piece (Black)

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Quick Highlights:

  • Microwave safe ceramic cookware
  • Compatible with gas, electric, induction
  • Attractive black outlook
  • Large capacity of 2500ml

Famacart cookware comes with advanced new generation cooking technology.  This Enigma series ceramic cookware is actually a casserole that is crafted to perform various kinds of cooking assignments.  

If you are looking for all-purpose ceramic cookware, then this famacart casserole might be your choice.

With this cookware, not only can you cook food but also use it as a serving pot. Therefore, you can reduce the use of extra utensils.

The cooking pot has been built with various heat resistant materials that have made the cookware unbreakable and can evenly distribute flames to the entire bottom area of the cookware.

Another important aspect of this kitchenware is that you can directly put it on a gas, electric and induction oven. This makes your cooking option flexible as well user friendly.


  • Multi-purpose use
  • Flexible cooking options
  • Ideal for gifting purposes


  • Not suitable for frying jobs

The Earth Store Handcrafted Grey Marble Large Size Ceramic Kitchen Pottery Serving Pot | Dahi Handi | Biryani Handi with Lid for Dining Table/Home/Kitchen (Set of 2)

[amazon box=”B08ZSWXJFX” grid=”2″]

Quick Highlights:

  • Handcrafted ceramic kitchenware
  • Non toxic
  • Perfect as serving pot
  • Aesthetically beautiful

Are you looking for something that can match your aesthetic aspect of life and also will add charm to the kitchen and dining? Then this Handcrafted ceramic kitchen serving pot is for you only.

Handcrafted from pure earth with a non-stick ceramic coating, this serving pot is perfect for serving anything special like biryani, curries, kheer, and more.

These kinds of kitchenware are not only beautiful to look at but also the best for health as they are not made from any harmful metals but from pure earth and it is the true 100% ceramic cookware India.

Manufactured by one of the finest artisans from Uttar Pradesh, India, you can rest assured about the quality of the products.

The ceramic serving pots will at once attract the attention of the visitors of your house and they also reflect your finer tastes and choices. This pottery set will definitely prove a value for money buy for you.


  • Large storage facility
  • Best as gifting items
  • Glossy stylish finish


  • Not unbreakable

IBELL Ceramic Solid Casserole – 4.1L, Gold

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Quick Highlights:

  • Heat resistant ceramic coating
  • 2.5 mm thick body
  • Gas stove and induction friendly
  • Heat proof Bakelite handle 
  • Large capacity of 4.1 litre

This dual-purpose cookware and casserole from IBELL is quality ceramic kitchenware.  It gives you freedom from heating the cooked food again and again. The casserole retains and maintains the temperature as is in the food. It means if the food is hot the casserole will keep it hot and if it is cold then the coldness of the food will be perfectly maintained.

The beautiful golden colour is an added charm to your kitchen.  Also, you need not worry about the built quality of the cookware as it has been crafted using virgin quality aluminium. Not only that, the ceramic coating makes it true non-stick cookware.

The heatproof bakelite handles are very comfortable to operate. You can use this cookware both on gas and induction offering you flexibility in cooking.


  • Large capacity
  • 6 months warranty
  • Happy customers


  • The warranty should be 1 year

Hawkins Ceramic-Coated Hawkins Contura Pressure Cooker, 3 Litre, Mustard Yellow (CMY30)

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Quick Highlights:

  • Hi tech german ceramic coated body
  • Non toxic ceramic
  • Metallic rim for extra safety
  • 3.25 mm base thickness

When we say Hawkins we mean best quality products. Those who have used Hawkins will agree that the company is offering us one of the best products. 

This contura series Pressure cooker from Hawkins has German technology with a non-toxic ceramic coated body. 

The ceramic coating is one of the best and it is scratch and stain-resistant. Not only that, the shiny golden look will not fade for many years, keeping the cookware in a newly bought look.

The pressure cooker comes with a stainless steel lid with a metallic rim on the mouth for extra safety. 

The black base has been designed in such a way that heats up quickly spreading out the heat equally. This cookware is gas stove friendly. 


  • Available in attractive multi colours
  • Easy to clean
  • Value for money


  • Yellow coating is not durable

POTZO Ceramic Handi with lid, White Matt, 800 ML, Curd Setter, Sauce Pot, Server for Dal, Curry, and Dining Tableware (1, White & Blue)

[amazon box=”B08P7Z4HZC” grid=”2″]

Quick Highlights:

  • Food grade superior ceramic coating
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Freezer and Microwave safe
  • Long lasting

Sometimes it becomes difficult to arrange a perfect utensil for specific kitchen assignments like setting up curd at home. You can not get the desired result for making dahi in stainless steel, aluminium or other cookware. 

Here comes the utility of a handi that matches perfectly with your requirements. This ceramic handi with a lid from POTZO is such a suitable pot that you can use to prepare curd. Not only that the kitchen can be used for various purposes like serving dal, curries, as a sauce pot etc. You can also use it as a biryani handi for storing purposes.

The handi is not simple kitchenware. The ceramic coating is highly durable and safe for health. The entire product has been crafted from earthen materials that are toxic-free and not harmful. 

But the most attractive part is its outward look.  It is not just useful as a serving pot but also very attractive looking that will surely enhance the beauty of your kitchen and dining.

Instead of an unattractive and boring serving pot, you will have a beautiful ceramic hand that carries your taste and sense of beauty.


  • Best for gifting and home use
  • Reasonable price


  • Need extra care in handling

iBELL Ceramic Wok Pan/Kadai with Glass lid, 3 LTR, Gas & Induction Base, Unique Golden Yellow Color

[amazon box=”B076D83TR5″ grid=”2″]

Quick Highlights:

  • Triple layered ceramic coating
  • Less oil cooking
  • Wear and abrasion resistant
  • Capcity: 3 litre

This IBELL ceramic kadhai with a lid will serve all your cooking needs. Coated with three high-grade ceramic layers, the cookware has been designed to last longer delivering trouble-free performance.

The 3 different layers have specific functions. The topcoat first layer makes the cookware non-sticky so that you can clean it easily.

The second or middle layer makes the kitchenware heat resistant and it binds all the three layers firmly with each other.

The third outer layer gives the cooking pan overall durability.

Therefore, the end product you get is very strong non-stick ceramic cookware that actually helps in low oil cooking.


  • Easy to clean
  • 6 month extended warranty
  • Good user feedback


  • Metal spoon can not be used

Nirlon Non-Stick Induction Compatible Ceramic Tawa Kadhai Cookware Combo Set

[amazon box=”B07F43LN2L” grid=”2″]

Quick Highlights:

  • Toxic PFOA free cookware
  • Non stick induction compatible
  • Safe for dishwasher
  • 1 year warranty

This non-stick ceramic Tawa and kadhai from Nirlon come with a combo set that is made with non-toxic PFOA free material.  Products containing PFOA are actually harmful to our health but this Nirlon cookware set is completely free from it.

The ceramic coating of the Nirlon brand is one of the best and being non-stick cookware your cleaning procedure remains hassle-free.  Moreover, the cookware is safe to wash in the dishwasher which makes the cleaning job really simple and effortless.

The handles are insulated with non-metallic materials that are heatproof and act as protection from heat. They are also very comfortable to hold.

The cookware remains perfectly balanced on the oven and will not tumble down during cooking, this makes the cooking job accident free.


  • Non toxic
  • Hygienically safe
  • Heat efficient


  • Issues with handles

Buyer’s Guide for the Best Ceramic Cookware in India

Ceramic is a naturally occurring material abundantly available in nature. Branded companies manufacture non-toxic ceramic cookware that is safe and durable.

Of late, people have become more health-conscious and that has made them picky and their concern is justified with the growth of people falling sick due to the toxin released by the cookware. Non-stick cookware with Teflon coating becomes harmful when overheated and emit toxic fumes. 

But this does not happen with ceramic coated cookware as they are made from food-grade ceramic and generally do not react with food even in overheating conditions.

Therefore, consider the following factors before buying the best ceramic cookware.

Quality of the material

Pure earthen ceramic cookware is brittle and tends to crack or break in overheating and accidental falls and they demand extra care and maintenance. But they are very safe to use and not at all harmful to our health.

On the other hand, ceramic coated cookware is actually metal cookware with a ceramic coating on the top layer. These cookwares are unbreakable, durable, and user friendly.

Pure ceramic cookware is cheaper than its ceramic coated counterparts. So, check your budget and preference before making the final selection.

Heatproof Handles

Certain companies produce ceramic cookware with bakelite handles. Bakelite is a bad conductor of heat that does not allow transport to your hand. Therefore, these types of handles are very safe to operate.

Base metal 

 For ceramic coated cookware base metal is very important. Reputed companies like Meyer use virgin quality aluminium or steel as the base metal of the cookware. That is why to double-check the type of materials used in the cookware.

Advantages of ceramic cookware

  • Ceramic has superior heat resistance and heat conductivity
  • Cheaper than other non stick cookware
  • Non toxic and safe for health
  • No presence of harmful chemicals like PFOA and PTFE
  • Eco friendly and does not produce hazardous smokes

Disadvantages of ceramic cookware

  • Pure ceramic cookware is brittle and prone to break.
  • Needs extra care and maintenance
  • Non stick does not last long
  • Melting point is not super high

What is ceramic cookware?

Ceramic cookware is two types.

  • Pure ceramic cookware
  • Ceramic Coated cookware

Pure ceramic cookware is made from earthen materials. Certain soil is shaped into cookware and dried. After that, the cookware is burned at a very high temperature. Next, it is glazed by applying the inorganic solution and firing it in high heat.

In the case of ceramic coated cookware, the ceramic solution is sprayed on the metal cookware made of aluminium or cast iron or stainless steel by applying sol-gel technology.  It is then fired at extreme temperature to have a shiny non-stick coating. The sol-gel solution is made of silica or sand and other non-toxic chemicals.

Differences between non-stick cookware and ceramic cookware

The major difference between non-stick and ceramic cookware is that non-stick coating is made of Teflon, which is toxic and harmful for health. 

On the other hand, ceramic cookware and ceramic-coated cookware are crafted from materials naturally available in nature, so they are non-toxic and safe to use.

Frequently Asked Questions about the Best Ceramic Cookware in India

Is ceramic cookware bad for health?

No. Not at all. In fact, ceramic cookware is better than the other Teflon-coated non-stick cookware. Ceramic is obtained naturally from the earth and it is non-toxic and free from harmful chemicals.

Is 100% ceramic cookware safe?

Yes, it is safe. 100% ceramic cookware means earthen ceramic cookware. Earthen cookwares are always safer than man-made metallic cookware because they are toxin-free and found normally in nature.

Which ceramic cookware is best in India?

Ceramic cookware from reputed brands like Meyer, Greenpan, Prestige, Farberware, Impex, Hawkins, iBELL is some of the best in India. 

Final Thoughts

Ceramic cookware is for people who are very health conscious and we all are concerned about the safety of our health. We have listed here some of the best ceramic cookware in India that is popular among users. If you are a newbie in cooking and have little children at home then non-stick ceramic cookware will be your best choice as it is safer and ergonomic.

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