10 Best Multitask Electric Beater/ Hand mixer in India: Pros & Cons

Best Electric Beater/ egg beater/hand mixer in India for cakes, whipping cream and others. Are you a do-it-yourselfer who loves to make a cake, pastries, ice cream, milkshakes, and lassis at home?

Then you need a good quality electrical beater cum hand mixer.

But, finding out the best beater for your kitchen is not a simple task. There are so many things that you should consider before actually making the purchase.

The market is no shortage of electronic beaters with various attractive features.

How do you select the right one? This blog lists the top 5 things to look for when buying one. We hope that this will help you buy the right beater for your kitchen.

10 Best Electric Beaters with Hand Mixers in India

We have gone through the pros and cons of a lot of electric beaters available in the market and after careful consideration of various useful features, have come out with this list of the 10 best electric hand beaters in India.

We hope that from this list you will find the best beater for you that matches your needs and budget.

So, check it out. Also, the buyer’s guide after the product analysis will help you choose the correct beater for your kitchen.

#1. Philips HR3705/10 300-Watt Hand Mixer & Beater

Brand/ModelPhilips HR 3705/10 Hand Mixer
Power300 Watts
Speed Settings5-speed settings and Turbo button
Attachments– 2 metal dough hooks – 2 metal strip beaters
Weight1080 Grams
Dimensions– Overall Length: 29.5cm – Power Cord Length: 120cm
Warranty2 years
Additional Features– Recipe book included – Dishwasher safe
Customer Rating4.5 out of 5
Philips HR3705/10 300-Watt Hand Mixer & Beater

Philips introduces a smart, fun and easy way to mix, whip and prepare your favourite recipes with the new Philips HR 3705/10 Hand Mixer, featuring a powerful 300-watt motor.

Designed to perform to the highest standards, the Philips HR3705/10 Hand Mixer is ideal for whipping up desserts, batters and creams, including whipped cream, frosting and meringues. 

Naturally, this Beater from the brand Philips is the best electric beater for whipping cream, cakes and eggs

The 5-speed settings and turbo button allow you to carefully control the mixing speed, helping you to prepare as light or as heavy a mix as you require.

With 300 watts of power and a sturdy metal drive mechanism, the Philips HR3705/10 hand mixer gives you all the tools you need to make a variety of deliciously tasty recipes.

The heavy-duty 5-speed hand mixer comes with two metal dough hooks and a pair of metal strip beaters which can be used to prepare ingredients while the mixer is off.

The easy-to-use touch control buttons of the Philips HR3705/10 hand mixer enable you to use the turbo button for rapid stirring, and the pulse function to produce lighter, airier results.

 The hand mixer itself has an overall length of 29.5cm, while the power cord measures 120cm. The Philips HR3705/10 eye-catching black hand mixer comes with 2 years warranty.

 The Philips HR 3705/10 Hand Mixer also includes a recipe book, containing tasty recipes for all kinds of desserts, as well as different types of sauces, soups and meatballs, and is dishwasher safe for even easier cleanup in the kitchen.

Lastly, if you want to know more about Philips electric beater price then, you may visit the online store for the best deal.


  • Cone-shaped beater for faster work
  • Dishwasher-safe steel attachments
  • One-touch large eject button
  • 2-year warranty
  • Long cable


  • A bit costly

#2. Inalsa Hand Blender| Hand Mixer|Beater with Powerful 250-Watt Motor | Variable 7 Speed Control

Brand/ModelInalsa Hand Mixer
Power250 Watts
Speed Settings7-speed settings
Attachments– 2 detachable beaters – 1 whisker/dough hook
Weight610 grams
2.8D x 7W x 4.9H Centimeters
Warranty1 year
Additional Features– Variable speed control – In-built eject knob – High-quality stainless steel attachments – 1 m power cord with 2-pin plug
Customer Rating4.2 out of 5
 Inalsa Hand Blender| Hand Mixer|Beater


Inalsa is a household brand that is synonymous with Quality. It is one of the leading manufacturers of household appliances in India. With a wide range of products, the company brings to you the best of technology and innovation in every category. 

This Inalsa hand mixer is a kitchen essential and is ideal for making any type of batter or dough. That is why this Inalsa Beater is one of the best electric beater for cakes India.

It features a powerful 250-watt motor and has a variable speed control with 7-speed settings. It has high durability and is easy to operate.

 With this hand mixer, mixing, whisking and kneading go easy with the help of the beater, whisker & dough hook and is ideal for preparing a variety of batters and doughs.

 It comes with 2 detachable beaters and a whisker/dough hook. It has an in-built eject knob that makes removing attachments easy. 

This all-purpose hand mixer comes with a high-quality stainless steel whisker, beater and dough hook. With this appliance, you have the advantage of doing all your mixing, whisking and kneading jobs fast, efficiently and perfectly.

The power cord is 1 m in length and features a 2-pin plug.


  • Lightweight
  • Multipurpose mixing machine
  • 7-speed setting 
  • Affordable price


  • Short cable length.

#3. Orpat OHM-207 150-Watt Hand Mixer with Beater

Brand/ModelOrpat OHM-207 5-Speed Hand Mixer
Power150 watt
Speed Settings5-speed settings
Attachments– 3 stainless steel beaters
Weight898 Grams
Dimensions19.7D x 9.2W x 16.9H Centimeters
Warranty1 year
Additional Features– Rustproof stainless steel blades – Soft-touch handle – Flexible beaters – Modern ergonomic design – Easy to clean
Customer Rating4.2 out of 5
Orpat OHM-207 150-Watt Hand Mixer with Beater

The Orpat OHM-207 5-Speed Hand Mixer is a great addition to any household. From making milkshakes to preparing cake and cookie dough to whipping cream this Hand Mixer cum beater from Orpat can handle all with effortless ease. 

The beater comes with a set of powerful blades that are perfect for mixing heavy and tough ingredients. The blades are made of pure stainless steel that is rustproof and can perform all types of mixing and blending activities.

This hand-held mixer has three stainless steel beaters with a soft touch handle for easy gripping while mixing. 

Get the perfect consistency for cakes and batter, or even make a milkshake with the Orpat 5-Speed Hand Mixer. It’s powerful enough to mix ingredients efficiently, but not too powerful to make your hand exhausted either.

Make quick work of your mixing and blending chores with the Orpat Hand Mixer. The five-speed switch lets you control the speed of your mixing or blending, while the stainless steel beaters are rust-resistant and easy to clean.

 The flexible beaters can be rotated to use at any angle and the mixer can easily be carried in one hand, the mixing bowl in the other.

With a modern ergonomic design, soft-grip handle, and easy-to-clean stainless steel beaters and bowl, the Orpat Hand Mixer is a must-have for your kitchen.


  • Multipurpose blades
  • Finger strip speed control
  • Soft-touch handle
  • Separate eject button for beater
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Userfriendly latest design


  • Unsuitable large quantity mixing and beating

#4. KENT 150W 16050, 5 Speed Control, Copper Motor, Multiple Beaters, Overheating Protection, Food Grade Plastic Body Hand Blender (White)

Brand/ModelKENT Hand Blender 15W
Power15 Watts
Speed Settings5-speed settings
Attachments– 1 set of dough hooks – 1 set of standard beaters
Weight800 g
Dimensions15.3 X 14.5 X 20 Cm
Warranty1 year
Additional Features– Copper motor with low resistance – Thermal protection switch – Food-grade plastic body – Sturdy base – Spotlight for illuminating the mixing bowl – Blade suitable for blending – Easy to adjust speed – Markings on blending jar – Storage for dough hook and beater – Easy to clean – Suction cup attachment option – Sturdy plastic case for storage
Customer Rating4.2 out of 5
Best Electric Beater in India

KENT Hand Blender 15W is an ideal kitchen appliance to meet your daily cooking needs.

This powerful 15W copper motor is known for its low resistance and superior conductivity, keeping the motor cool during constant use. 

The motor also works faster and more efficiently. The powerful 15W copper motor gives you more power than other hand blenders in the same range.

The hand blender also features a thermal protection switch to protect the motor in case of overheating.

The lightweight food-grade plastic body and solid base ensure sturdiness and durability for a long life.KENT Hand blender includes 1 set of dough hooks and 1 set of standard beaters, offering 4 different mixing options for different types of food.

 Dough hooks allow you to mix the dough as well as other soft ingredients. The hand blender is equipped with a sturdy stand. 

The spotlight illuminates the mixing bowl for ease of use.

KENT’s hand blender is suitable for daily kitchen use. The blade is sharp and tapers down to a fine point, making it excellent for blending. 

The speed can be adjusted, with five speeds in total. The blending jar has markings on it, so you can make sure that the ingredients mix thoroughly. 

The blender comes with a dough hook and beater, which can be stored in the blender jar. The blender is easy to use and clean.

 The buttons are soft and easy to press. The lid comes with a hole so that you can attach the hand blender to a suction cup. The blender comes in a sturdy plastic case, so you can store it easily.


  • 150 Watt copper motor
  • Excessive heat protection
  • Multiple beaters for wide cooking options
  • Fluctuating speed control


  • The lid hole is not easy  to clean

#5. Bajaj HM-01 Powerful 250W Hand Mixer and Beater

Brand/ModelBajaj HM-01 Electric Beater cum Hand Mixer
Power250 Watts
Speed Settings3-speed controls
Attachments– Dough hooks – Beater attachment
Weight1100 grams
Dimensions8.7D x 12.6W x 4.7H Cm
Warranty2 years
Additional Features– Chrome-plated dough hook – Eject button for easy cleaning – 230V, 50Hz product – Sturdy and beautiful finish – Detachable beaters – Fashionable design – Easy to clean – Two-year manufacturer warranty
Customer Rating4.4 out of 5
Best Electric Beater in India

A multi-tasking kitchen essential, the powerful Bajaj HM-01 bajaj electric beater cum Hand Mixer will get you through all your kitchen tasks with a click!

 Boasting a 250-watt motor and 250 watts of processing power, this lightweight and easy-to-use hand blender is perfect for all your mixing and kneading needs and it is truly a good beater.

With three-speed controls for superior mixing, kneading and beating, and a chrome-plated dough hook, this compact appliance is the ideal kitchen necessity.

With the eject button for easy cleaning, the HM-01 is a handy tool for batter and dough preparation, quick and easy cake batter, homemade ice cream, and even more!

The Bajaj HM-01 is a mixer that has been designed for your kitchen needs. The mixer is powerful and durable. Designed with the best quality material, it is a great addition to your kitchen.

Enhance your cooking experience with this powerful yet lightweight mixer. 

The package contains the mixer, dough hooks, and a beater attachment. With the 3-speed control, you control the speed of the mixer.

The motor is 250 watts. The mixer is a 230V, 50Hz product. The product is sturdy and has a beautiful finish. 

 Use the eject button to detach the parts, beater, dough hooks, and all. Use the dough hook attachment to make delicious dough for your cake preparations.

Beating the life out of dough for cakes, bread and biscuits is about to get a whole lot easier. The Bajaj HM-01 Powerful 250W Hand Mixer is the ideal choice for your home kitchen.

Three-speed controls power this brilliant machine to easily whip up the best-ever cakes, bread dough and crisp biscuits. 

The mixer comes with a chrome-plated dough beater attachment and sturdy dough hooks and features a fashionable design that blends into your kitchen space. A 250-watt motor powers this mixer with ease, making it a great choice for daily usage. 

The mixer is also effortless to clean because it comes with a beater eject button and detachable beaters. This mixer comes with a two-year manufacturer warranty and would be a great addition to your kitchen.

With a two-year warranty, it is highly durable.


  • Chrome-plated dough maker
  • Userfriendly eject button
  • Lightweight to handle with ease
  • 2-year warranty


  • Bit noisy

#6. Prestige Hand Mixer, Beater PHM 2.0,300 W, Purple

Brand/ModelPrestige Hand Mixer PHM 2.0, 300W
Power300 Watts
Speed Settings3-speed settings
Attachments– Stainless steel attachments
Weight1.2 Kg
Dimensions18.9 x 10.8 x 14.8 cm
Warranty1 year
Additional Features– Multipurpose kitchen tool – Electronic speed control – Suitable for whipping cream, eggs, pancake batter, icing, cakes, salad dressings, and more – Energy efficient – Easy to clean – Attractive and colorful design
Customer Rating4.3 out of 5
Prestige Hand Mixer, Beater PHM 2.0,300 W, Purple

Your search for the ultimate hand mixer is finally over. From now on, fluff your pancakes and whip up cream to perfection with the Prestige Hand Mixer.

It is a multipurpose kitchen tool that comes with stainless steel attachments, variable speed control, and an attractive & colourful design.

 This mixer can do a lot! You can whip cream, eggs, pancake batter, icing, cakes, and salad dressings. If you love making cakes at home then this Prestige beater is an ideal electric cake beater.

You can even make mashed potatoes with this wonderful device, and it is energy efficient.

Whip up delicious cream, hard-boiled eggs, and delicious cheesecakes in a matter of minutes using this Prestige Hand Mixer PHM 2.0, 300 W.

The heavy-duty motor within this multipurpose hand mixer has an output wattage of 300 watts, as well as electronic speed control, which lets you control the speed of the mixer to match the consistency that you want.

Therefore, it is no wonder that this Beater machine from Prestige is also the best hand blender for whipping cream in India.

 The stainless steel attachments that come with this mixer allow you to make delicious whipped cream, perform dough mixing operations, and mix your favourite cake batter, while the mixer has a sturdy build that makes it easy to clean.

You can also use this hand mixer to mix your salad dressing in the salad dressing bowl. 

The PHM 300 has a 300-watt motor that can handle a variety of mixing tasks. It comes with 7 attachments to make your mixing experience a breeze. 

The PHM 300, in purple, is easy to use and comes with three-speed settings. This mixer stands at 18.9 x 10.8 x 14.8 cm and comes with a 1-year warranty. It weighs 1.2 Kg and has a very attractive and colourful design.


  • 300-watt powerful motor
  • 7 mixing attachments
  • Variable speed control
  • Beautifully  cool design
  • Easy to clean 


  • The motor heats up quickly

#7. Usha 3732 300-Watt Hand Mixer with Beater

Brand/ModelUsha 300 Watt Hand Mixer
Power300 Watts
Speed Settings5-speed settings and Turbo setting
Attachments– 2 stainless steel hooks (beater and kneader)
Weight1450 grams
Dimensions19.4 x 9 x 14.6 Centimeters
Warranty[Warranty information not provided]
Additional Features– Copper motor for longer life – Premium stainless steel finish – Easy cleaning press ejection – Ergonomic handle for a better grip – Air vents to prevent clogging – 1-meter long 2-pin power cord – Smart box for accessory and cord storage – Powerful motor with 23,000 RPM turbo speed – Stylish black color
Customer Rating4.4 out of 5
Best Electric Beater in India

For the ones who need to mix, blend, whisk and knead in the kitchen, you need a mixer. But not just any mixer, the Usha 300 Watt Hand Mixer gives you the best in just the right way.

Being an Indian brand Usha hand mixer with beater is a premium bitter machine for cake.

 With its 5 speed settings and turbo setting for multiple applications, it does not just work for your kitchen but also for your food processing requirements. 

The easy cleaning press ejection gets you into the mixer and gets you out of the messy stuff in no time. With its copper motor for longer life and premium stainless steel finish, this mixer is a must-have in the kitchen.

This 300-watt Usha Hand Mixer with 2 hooks is designed for all your mixing, blending and whisking needs. It features a copper motor for longer life, a premium stainless steel finish and a stylish black colour.

It comes with 5-speed and turbo settings for multiple applications. The 1 press ejection button allows for easy cleanup. It also has 2 stainless steel hooks for mixing and kneading.

The beater is for mixing and blending and the kneader is for all kneading requirements such as cookie/cake batter. 

The ergonomic handle provides a better grip, easy to use and store. The air vents prevent clogging from batters and other mixtures. 1 meter long 2 pin power cord is for flexible usage.

A smart box is also attached for easy storage of accessories and cords.

With a 300-watt motor, the powerful motor is able to handle almost all of the tasks needed for a kitchen. The turbo beats the competition hands down with its power speed of 23,000 RPM.

The mixer is not just fancy but is backed with premium material and performance that is built to last.


  • 5-speed turbo setting
  • Comfortable grip handle
  • Copper coil motor
  • Overloading protection
  • Attractive stainless steel finish


  • No eject button

#8. iBELL Electric Hand Mixer, Blender, Beater and Cream Maker with 7 Speed Control

Brand/ModeliBELL IBLWHITES03NEW Whites Electric Hand Mixer
Power120 Watts
Speed Settings7-speed control
Attachments– 2 pairs of stainless steel beaters – 2 Dough Hooks
Weight665 Grams
Dimensions2.8D x 7.1W x 4.7H Centimeters
Warranty1 year (standard) + 1 year ( for Registration)
Additional Features– Multi-tasking mixer, blender, beater, and cream maker – Compact and lightweight – Superior performance – Operating voltage: 220-240 volts – Suitable for various mixing, beating, whipping, and creaming tasks – Affordable price
Customer Rating4.1 out of 5
 iBELL Electric Hand Mixer, Blender, Beater and Cream Maker with 7

iBeLL has been a leader in kitchen appliances for over 10 years, bringing you quality at affordable prices.  iBeLL specializes in home products that would help you simplify your cooking and help you to save time and money.

When baking cakes and other pastry favourites were no longer a monopoly of professional bakers. iBELL IBLWHITES03NEW Whites Electric Hand Mixer, Blender, Egg Beater and Cream Maker with 7 Speed Control, 2 Dough Hooks and 2 Beaters(White) is here to make your baking dream come true.

 The product is a multi-tasking mixer, blender, beater and cream maker. Compact and lightweight yet so powerful. A multi-tasking mixer, blender, beater and cream maker. Two pairs of stainless steel beaters and Dough Hooks. 

7-speed control offers you a superior beating experience with half the mixing effort. Whatever may be your dough, mix it so easily and conveniently with this simple and compact blender. 

The variable and wide range of speed control will help you prepare the perfect consistency that you want.

The iBELL IBLWHITES03NEW Whites Electric Hand Mixer in White is the ideal and most convenient appliance for your kitchen.

It features a powerful 120-watt motor which is powerful enough for superior performance.  The motor needs an operating voltage of  220-240 volts.

This compact yet powerful mixer can mix, beat, whip and cream all your favourite ingredients to perfection. Lastly, this beater from iBELL is one of the best electric beater under 1000 INR.


  • Multi-tasking mixer, beater and blender
  • Wide range 7-speed control
  • Lightweight


  • Prone to rust

#9. Skytone 300-Watt Hand Mixer Beater Blender Electric Cream Maker for Cakes with Base 5 Speed Control | 2 Stainless Steel Beaters| 2 Dough Hooks

Brand/ModelSkytone 300 Watt Hand Mixer
Power300 Watts
Speed Settings5-speed settings
Attachments– 2 Beaters – 2 Dough Hooks
Weight1200 grams
Dimensions10 x 10 x 20 Centimeters
Warranty[Warranty information not provided]
Additional Features– Compact design for easy storage – Lightweight and easy to handle – Suitable for mixing, whisking, and beating – Easy-to-clean detachable steel beaters and hooks – Ideal for cake baking and dessert making – Suitable for use with dry ingredients
Customer Rating4.5 out of 5
Best Electric Beater in India

Skytone is one of the best selling brands in the world of kitchen utensils. With its wide range of products like Mixers, Beaters, Blenders, Food Processors, Grinders, Juicers and more; Skytone has become the first choice of the people. 

Here, we are talking about the 300 Watt Hand Mixer. This product comes with a compact design that allows easy storage of the product even in small kitchen cabinets.

 Featuring a powerful motor of 300 Watts, the product is capable of performing all the mixing, whisking and whipping functions.

The product comes with 2 Beaters and 2 Dough Hooks that offer a wide range of functions to the user.

Skytone 5 Speed Portable Baking Hand Mixer is a small and compact handheld electric mixer for all-purpose mixing. This one gives you powerful and efficient blending, whisking and beating at a very reasonable price.

 It is lightweight and easy to carry and handle. A very useful and must-have item for cake baking or dessert making and it is one of the best beaters for cake.

You will always have the best results if you use this hand mixer with dry ingredients.

 The super easy-to-clean detachable steel beaters and hooks are ideal for whisking eggs, flour and other ingredients.


  • 300-watt powerful motor
  • 7 stage speed control
  • Ideal for multitasking
  • Faster heat release
  • Comfortable handle
  • Stainless steel attachments


  • No eject button

#10. CPEX 300W Hand Mixer Beater & Whisker with 7 Speed Control & Detachable Stainless-Steel Finish

Brand/ModelCPEX 300W Hand Mixer
Power300 Watts
Speed Settings7-speed control
Attachments– 2 beaters – 1 dough hook
660 grams
Dimensions12D x 12W x 12H Centimeters
Warranty[Warranty information not provided]
Additional Features– Lightweight and easy to handle – Hygienic, does not touch food directly – High and low-speed options – 180-degree rotating head – Detachable stainless-steel finish beater and whisker – German stainless steel blade – Wide and smooth dough hooks – Easy to clean – Suitable for various mixing, beating, and whipping tasks
Customer Rating3.8 out of 5
CPEX 300W Hand Mixer Beater & Whisker  with 7 Speed Control & Detachable Stainless-Steel Finish

CPEX 300W Hand Mixer with 7 Speed Control & Detachable Stainless-Steel Finish Beater & Whisker, White is a piece of ideal kitchen equipment.

 This handheld electric mixer is good for mixing, beating, whipping and whipping your favourite desserts. It is small, lightweight and simple to use, great for cakes and cookies, yogurt, eggs, and even homemade soy milk.

More importantly, it is more hygienic since it does not need to touch the food directly. It has 7 speeds, with high and low speeds.

 It has 2 beaters with 2 speeds. There’s a dough hook for mixing pizza, bread and dumplings. It is easy to use, just choose the speed and beaters, and mix the batter, cake, and dough as you like.

Why choose this hand mixer? 1. High performance: Power up to 300W. 2. Lightweight: Light and easy to handle. 3. Easy to clean: Plugin and out attachments, are easy to clean.

 4. 7 Speeds: Control the speed as you like, to achieve different results. 5. 180-degree rotating head: Closer to the bowl, more convenient to use.

6. Detachable stainless-steel finish beater and whisker: Easy to operate, and replace or clean. 7. German stainless steel blade: Durable and reliable. 8. Wide and smooth dough hooks: Smoothly mix the ingredients.


  • Attractive steel finish
  • All-purpose mixer and beater
  • 7-speed control for multi functionalities
  • Cheap price


  • The motor heats up quickly. (It is not a problem)

Buying Guide of the Best Electric Beater in India


How to choose an electric beater?

If you are looking for a quick and easy way to whip up a cake, a batch of cookies, or a batch of egg whites, an electric beater is the best tool for the job. 

But, the sheer number of brands and models out there can be dizzying. There are a few things you should consider before you start shopping for an electric beater.

When it comes to choosing the best electric beater/ mixer in India,  you need to consider 

  • how much do you need a beater/mixer,
  •  how often you will use it,
  • how much you are willing to spend

All these factors affect the value of money you will get from a mixer.

The most common electric beaters available in the market are: 

Stand Mixers:

Stand mixers are the most powerful and most expensive ones. They are heavy-duty and are used for kneading and mixing dough.

 They are meant to be used with the help of a stand and have at least 2 speeds and a paddle attachment. 

Handheld Mixers:

These are the most common ones. They are used for beating eggs and for mixing small amounts of ingredients.

 These are the most inexpensive ones and are generally used for small households. 

Bulk Buy Mixer and Beater:

Nowadays, many stores sell mixer attachments and accessories in bulk. 

However, these are only useful if you need the attachments regularly. Small appliances like hand mixers are usually used once in a while.

Mixer and Beater Difference

  • Mixing is simply putting the ingredients together and Mixer exactly does that.
  •  But beating which a Beater does is quick mixing the things and making the batter smoother.
  •  A Beater actually adds air to the mixture. These air bubbles make the batter soft and smooth.

Things to Consider Before Buying the Best Electric Beater in India

Motor Quality

A motor is the most important aspect of an electric beater because it is the speed and performance of the motor that makes or breaks things. The motor must be high-performing and longer-lasting.

A motor with a wattage range between 100 to 150 watts is sufficient for beating and mixing jobs. 

Some motors have the capacity of more than 150 watts but more wattage means more consumption of electricity.


An electric beater is run with an inbuilt motor that comes with the mixer. How well you can make batter or dough depends largely upon the motor speed.  The speed of a motor varies from 3-speed control to 7-speed control.  

A basic hand mixer with a beater comes with 2 to 3-speed control. Some advanced beaters have as many as 7 variable speed controls.

The more the variation the better will be your job of multitasking.  During beating and mixing, you will need speed variation to make the perfect batter and mixer. 

Therefore, go with higher speed control options of 5 to 7 speeds. But, remember, it will cost a little bit more than lower-speed variants.

Attachments or Extra Pieces of Equipment

Nowadays electric hand mixers are a combination of many things. Very useful attachments like beaters and whiskers are also attached to the mixer. This enables you to multitask with a single machine.

You don’t need to buy separate things for making different delicacies like beating eggs, whipping cream, making ice creams or doughs etc. 

But more number of attachments means your job of cleaning and maintenance is also high. Not only that,   the material of the attachments is also very important as they are prone to rust if they are not made of stainless steel. 

So, before buying, check whether the beater is stainless steel or not.

How Durable is it?

We all want our product to go on and on for years without any trouble. But you should know that even the best of things may go out of order for lack of some basic needs.

The quality of materials used to make the beater and how well you handle and maintain it decide how long your appliance lasts.

Reputed brands like Philips, Inalsa, Prestige, Orpat, Bajaj, and Usha are trying hard to create products with premium quality keeping in mind the aspect of improper and rough use by the user. 

  • When you are using an electric beater make sure the electricity source is not faulty, otherwise, the mixer may malfunction due to voltage fluctuation. 
  • Keep the machine dry always after use. Clean the attachments properly so that foodstuffs do not get stuck inside them. This might lead to rust and corrosion in the course of time. 
  • You should not put heavy pressure on the appliance while using it. 
  • Make sure the machine does not fall down. 
  • If these basic things are followed, then your electric beater will truly last longer and become the best electric beater.


Safety is most important when you are operating the electric hand mixer. You need to follow certain guidelines for that.

  • Do not run the mixer for a very long time at a stretch. This might cause overheating and burning of the inner parts of the beater. Some electric beaters come with overheating protection. If your beater has no such feature then you should definitely not overrun the machine.
  • The device has several types of rotating blades and other rotators. They are always risky if not handled carefully. Always keep your hands and clothes at a safe distance while opening it. 
  • The length of the electric cord should be a minimum of 1.2 meters and the plug point distance from the blender must not be very close. 


Electric beaters are more powerful than hand mixers but the level of power depends on the brand. The better the brand, the more power the beater tends to have.

The brand of the electric beater also determines the durability, price and overall style of the beater. 

You can find a wide array of electric beaters online at places like Amazon. Searching online is the best way to not only find the best electric beater for your budget but also to find a beater that is highly rated and durable for long-term use.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) on the Best Electric Beater in India

Which electric beater is best in India?

According to our research and findings, Philips HR3705/10 300-Watt Hand Mixer & Beater is currently the best electric beater in India. But the other Beaters that we have mentioned and discussed here are also very good to go for.

What watt electric beater is best for whipping?

150 to 250-watt electric beaters will do the job comfortably.  Whipping does not require much energy as there are no hard ingredients to grind.  The only thing you need to do is look at how many attachments are included with the product and also check the speed control stages. If a beater has 5 or 7 variations of speed then this will make your whipping job a breeze.


One thing you need to be clear about is that Brand matters when it comes to selecting cooking tools like the best electric beater/hand mixer in India.

Since safety and durability are of paramount importance while using a beater reputed and well-known brands will take care of these concerns the most.

Even though the branded product might cost a little bit extra money, in the long run, you will be the gainer.

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