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If you are looking for the Best 3 burner glass top gas stove in India, then, you are absolutely at the right place.  Even though selecting the best 3 burner kitchen stove from among so many varieties of options and companies is not easy,  the good news is that we have done extensive market research to help you choose the right gas stove for you.

We consider the below-listed gas stoves as the best to choose from. Further, you can check our detailed guide about the best glass top gas stoves after the list. Also, we have provided a buyer’s guide. Please have a look before picking up your ultimate cooktop.


7 Best 3 Burner Glass Top Gas Stove in India


1. Butterfly Smart Glass 3 Burner Gas Stove

2. Elica Vetro Glass Top 3 Burner Gas Stove 703 CT VETRO BLK

3. Life Long Glass Top 3 Burner Gas Stove, Manual Ignition, Black

4. Prestige Premia Schott Glass 3 Burner Gas Stove, Manual Ignition, Multi-color

5. Milton Premium 3 Burner Glass Top (Blue) Manual LPG Stove with MS Frame &  Brass Burner (ISI Certified)

6. Prestige Royale Plus Schott Glass 3 Burner Gas Stove, Manual Ignition, Black

7. Prestige Magic Glass Top GTMC 03


 Best 3 Burner Glass Top Gas Stove/ Cooktop in India         Reviews:


 1. Butterfly Smart Glass 3 Burner Gas Stove


Butterfly Smart Glass 3 Burner Gas Stove




As an Indian brand Butterfly has occupied its position as a branded gas stove manufacturer with good quality highly durable products. Consequently, with almost 80% positive feedback of 4 star and 5-star rating from the customers, it has definitely met buyers’ satisfaction. Therefore, Butterfly gas stove is naturally one of the best 3 burner glass top gas stoves in India.


Quick Highlights:

•Smart Lock Pan

•Stainless Steel Spill tray

•Heat efficient Brass Burners

•Flame retardant panel

•Heat-resistant legs

•Product Size: L×W×H 67×34×11cm

•Weight: 6kg 500g

•One year warranty

• Manual Ignition


Other Features:


Quality Brass Burner:

Just because Butterfly offers super- quality brass burners ranging from small to big size options, they will fulfil your every cooking requirement. Besides, The burners are so elegant looking that it adds charm to your kitchen.


User-friendly Lock Pan:

The user-friendly smart lock pan support and spill tray make sure that your cooking experience remains a comfortable one. Additionally, The smart lock also provides greater stability in cooking. It prevents cooking utensils from shaking while cooking.

Stainless Steel Spill Trays:

The stainless steel spill trays reduce the chances of rusting to almost zero. Therefore, it requires less maintenance.

Heat Efficient:

The brass burners are very heat-efficient because it has high thermal tolerance ability.  Consequently, it guarantees the best retention of heat while cooking. 

Flame Resistant:

The flame resistance panel ensures your safety when you cook for a longer hour. Also, the support legs of the gas stove are heat resistant. As a result, It enhances production efficiency.





•Pocket-friendly price

•Good quality

•Attractive colour

•Light weight 

•Easy to handle

•Space saving


The Gas Stove is a little bit smaller in size.


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2.Elica Vetro Glass Top 3 Burner Gas Stove 703 CT VETRO BLK


Elica Vetro Glass Top 3 Burner Gas Stove (703 CT VETRO BLK)




 Since buyers have liked the product with 76% 4-Star and above ratings, Elica Vetro Glass Top 3 Burner Gas Stove occupies our second spot. Elica is an international brand that originated in Italy. 


Quick Highlights:

•Toughened Glass Top

• Euro painted grid

• stainless steel support plate.

• Top quality burner

• knobs are user friendly

•Manual Ignition 

• Energy efficient


When it got success in other countries, Elica set up its manufacturing unit in Pune, Maharashtra, India. The company is capable of delivering this affordable premium cooking stove at a budget-friendly price.  As a result, Elica has proven that it is here to stay for a long time to come.


Other Features:

Quality Glass Top:

Elica offers long-lasting performance with its rust resistance texture premium finish glass top. You would be amazed at its high quality toughened glass which is not only beautiful but also durable.


Euro Coated Grid supports 

 They ensure that the cooking pan does not go off balance.


Brass Burners:

The cooking stove comes with 2 medium and 1 small top-quality Brass Burner and hence, they supply uniform flame and smooth cooking experience. The burners are also very silent. The Stainless steel Support plates make the kitchen stove sturdy, and so gives durability and reliability.

The Knobs are smooth and easy to operate.  Also, they are super stylish too.




•Easy to clean 

•Easy to handle



•No separate drip tray

•Issues with after-sale service


3. Life-Long Glass Top 3 Burner Gas Stove, Manual Ignition, BlackLifelong Glass Top 3 Burner Gas Stove, Manual Ignition, Black





With more than 70% of 4-star and 5-star ratings, our third best gas stove in India is Life Long Glass top 3 burner Gas Stove.


Quick Highlights:

•6 mm elegant looking black toughened glass top.

•Heat resistant burner plate

•user- friendly knobs with heat resistant nylon cover

•Skid proof feet for comfortable cooking

•360 Degree revolving gas inlet•Doorstep service across India.

•Customer care no: +91-9711558877



Henceforth, with Life Long 3  Burner Gas Stove, your morning rush hours will be tension free as the 3 burner stove is capable of handling the heavy cooking assignments. Not only it performs well the product also adds elegance to your kitchen with its stunning look.


Other Features:

Shatterproof Glass

 The glass thickness is 6mm. Therefore,  The shatterproof glass top is an extra advantage for you as the glass thickness is 6mm. In fact, the thicker the glass top, the better it is, as it ensures more durability and the toughened glass top can withstand very high temperature.


 Burners save energy: 

The burners are designed in such a way that it consumes less gas and moreover, the flame is stronger and even.

Anti Skid:

The Anti- Skid feature does not allow the cooktop to move and shake even after applying heavy pressure during cooking.

Revolving Gas Inlet Pipe:

360 Degree revolving gas inlet pipe at the back of the stove is not only convenient to move but also it is easy to set up the cookstove with gas cylinder pipe according to your need and stability.

Easy to clean:

After cooking delicious dishes comes the tiresome part of cleaning the cooktop. But don’t worry about cleaning as long as Life-Long Gas Stove is with you. The smooth, thick glass surface does not attract either any hard stain or any dirt. Just wipe your glass top with a clean piece of wet cloth and done.


Better Pan Support: 

A thick pan support system helps your utensils to keep up the balance. In other words,  it prevents the cooking pan from off. Furthermore,  This helps in avoiding any kind accidents of burning from the fallen hot utensil.


ISI Certified: 

One important advantage of this cooktop is that it is ISI marked. It indicates that the company has followed all the safety regulation and quality control while manufacturing the product.



•Good build quality

•Durable glass top

•light weight

•easy to install


•User complaint with burner quality.



4. Prestige Premia Schott Glass 3 Burner Gas Stove, Manual Ignition, Multi-color



Prestige Premia Schott Glass 3 Burner Gas Stove, Manual Ignition, Multi-color



Are you really looking for the best glass top gas stove in India and not willing to compromise with quality? Is it ok for you to spend a little extra? If all your answer is ‘yes, then, Prestige Premia Schott Glass 3 Burner Gas Stove should be your best choice.


Quick Highlights:

•Supreme quality German Schott glass cooktop.

•Lifetime warranty on Schott Glass

•Italian SABF Valves Spill proof design

•High capability Brass Burners

•Individual Pan support 


As a brand name, Prestige needs no introduction since, With its high-quality products, Prestige has really earned admiration from the purchasers.

Thus, with high positive reviews from the customers and one of the highest number of 4-star and 5- star ratings among similar categories, Prestige has delivered its superb performance.

 Furthermore, this magnificent beauty decorated with German excellence can brighten up your kitchen with a perfect balance of style statement and performance.


Other Features:

German SCHOTT Glass

The star attraction of this Cooktop is its glass top which is an imported German Schott Glass. For a glass top stove, the quality of the glass is very very important because low-quality glass is prone to damage and may cause a serious accident.

With this in mind, the Schott glass has been tested in all extreme heat conditions and it has cleared all quality tests. Hence, the Schott glass can tolerate high thermal shock and any kind of hard mechanical impact.


Stylish and Modern look: 

The ultra-modern black and white look of this cooktop will surely enhance your kitchen’s look.

Highly Efficient tri-pin Brass Burners:

The tri-pin brass burners are very suitable for Indian cooking needs. For instance, very small utensils can be placed on the burner. Moreover, The high-performance brass burners generate uniform heat and take less amount of gas to burn.


User-friendly Designer Knobs:

The knobs are carefully designed.  Therefore, they are very smooth and easy to operate.  Also, the flame control by this knob is superb.

Wide Space:

The burner distance is very wide to fit three large utensils at a time. as a result, you can cook anything on those three burners together without any issue.

Imported Italian SABF Gas Valve:

Gas valves are other safety components that ensure your safe cooking and the Italian gas valves used in this gas stove are the best in class. Accordingly, they have been crafted to deliver trouble-free high performance.



•Very spacious

•lifetime warranty on Schott Glass.

• Better customer review.



Manual Ignition( Considering the price, auto ignition should have been included.)



5. Milton Premium 3 Burner Glass Top (Blue) Manual LPG Stove with MS Frame & Brass Burners (ISI Certified)



Milton Premium 3 Burner Glass Top (Blue) Manual LPG Stove with MS Frame & Brass Burners (ISI Certified)


Another quality product from a quality brand. Milton has offered a premium product but with an ordinary price bracket.  Further, Milton Premium 3 Burner Glass Top is one of the top category shatterproof toughened glass.


Quick Highlights:

•One of the thickest glass tops

•Premium  brass burner

•smooth and wide bakelite knobs

•Highly energy efficient

•Blue and Red variants


Nowadays, cooking is no more a burden, thanks to innovative tools like smart gas stoves. Indeed,  With Milton Premium 3 Burner Glass top Gas Stove, your cooking will be a joyful event. Besides, the exceptional looking blue cooktop might be the newest addition to your kitchen beauty.


Brass Burners saves energy:

These brass burners are accurately designed to deliver even and optimum flame.  Also, they consume less fuel and save gas by reducing wastage.


Heat Proof Knobs:

The knobs are actually heatproof because they are made of bakelite and it is a bad conductor of heat. So, The Knobs being heatproof are comfortable to operate and they boost durability.

Pan Support:

Powder-coated pan support aids in the balance of the cooking pan.

Convenient Pipe Nozzle:

Pipe nozzle is placed at the right- hand side.  So, it actually saves your kitchen space and it is suitable for medium-sized kitchen.


ISI Marked:

ISI Certification of the product guarantees safety as well as the quality of the product. Because this Milton gas stove comes with ISI certification, you can go with it without worrying about its quality.



•Good customer feedback.

•Thick and toughened glass top.

•ISI Certified.

•Good quality considering it’s the budget price.




•Colour combination could have been better.



6.Prestige Royale Plus Schott Glass 3 Burner Gas Stove, Manual Ignition, Black.


Prestige Royale Plus Schott Glass 3 Burner Gas Stove, Manual Ignition, Black




This is the 2nd product from the house of Prestige in our best 7  three Burner Glass top Gas stove list. We can not ignore prestige because they deliver performance and value for money. The positive feedback from the customers has actually driven us to select their product once again.


Quick Highlights:

Best in class premium toughened German Schott glass top.•Imported Italian SABF Had Valves

•Rust Proof

•User- friendly convenient knobs

•wide space body dimension: 81cm×48.5cm×15.5cm(L×W×H)

lifetime warranty on Schott glass.


With more than 80% of 4-star and 5-star ratings, it has surely fulfilled customer satisfaction and many customers have spoken highly about the product. So, Prestige Royale Plus Schott Glass 3 burner is certainly a choice of middle-income customers.


Other Features:

German Schott Glass:

 Since the glass top is one of the major parts of a cookstove, it must have to be of high quality, safe and durable. Prestige Schott Glass fulfils all these criteria, certainly.


Attractive look:

This stove is not only good looking but also a great performer.  In this case, the European elegance and Indian tradition have been transformed into this marvel. With this beauty at your modular kitchen, the entire look of your kitchen will be uplifted, undoubtedly.

Imported Italian SABF Had Valve:

SABAF gas valves are not like Indian gas valves. Also, SABAF valves are designed with the latest European Technology. Consequently, they are of superior quality and long-lasting.


Individual Pan Support:

It actually helps in balancing the cooking vessels, similarly, it makes sure that your pan does not move or shake while cooking.

Supreme Quality tri- pin Brass Burners:

They are especially suited for Indian people.  That is to say, you can cook on a very small utensil using tri pin burner. Brass burners distribute the flames evenly at the bottom of the cooking pan, they also ensure optimum cooking potential.


User-friendly Knobs:

The knobs are ergonomically designed and they in fact control the flames and so, Prestige has ensured that you get the best and easy to use knobs.



•Lifetime warranty on Schott Glass.  

• Very large and heavy

•Cheaper than the same variants.



•No auto ignition


So, what to choose?

Feature-wise, Prestige Premia Schott Glass is not very different from Prestige Royale plus Schott glass and also, Most of the features match with each other. But, the big difference between them is the price tag. Prestige Royale plus is cheaper than Prestige Premia.

It is for you to decide- which one suits you.



7. Prestige Magic Glass Top GTMC 03




Prestige Magic Glass Top GTMC 03




Once again Prestige has made it to our best gas stove list with their brand called: Prestige Magic Glass Top. You might be hesitant about whether we should buy Glass top cooktop or Stainless steel one because Safety and durability of the gas chulha is a big issue here. But with ISI certified toughened glass Prestige is assuring us that we can safely purchase this Prestige Magic Glass top cooking stove


Quick Highlight:

•ISI certified toughened glass

•Tri-pin Brass burners( small, medium, large)

•Spill-proof compact design

•ISI marked gas stove


Space-saving quality product:

Are you looking for a high-quality product at an affordable product that saves your valuable kitchen space also? Then, this will be your ideal choice,  as it is a space-saving cooktop with a body dimension of 73cm×43cm×14cm ( Length×Width×Height).


Durable and Shatterproof:

The glass top is unbreakable as well as durable. The top glass of a cooking stove is the main part. So, it has to be a quality product as well as safe.  But don’t worry, Prestige has guaranteed us about its quality by ISI marking.

Tri-Pin Brass Burners:

Another important thing is the Gas Burner and Brass burners are far better than Aluminium burners and brass burners of this Magic kitchen stove are highly durable and long-lasting.  Moreover, they produce uniform flame and save energy.



•Compact and sturdy.    

• Space saver

•Quality guaranteed by ISI Mark



Price is a bit high.



Gas Stove Buying Guide:

By now you may have selected your best 3 burner glass top gas stove in India from our best list.

But wait!

Have you checked our gas stove buying guide? If not, do check it. You don’t invest your hard-earned money into buying a gas stove every year.

 Your gas stove should be running fine at least for 5 years. So, just have a look at the things you should consider before you finally buy your ideal gas stove.


Factors You Should Consider before Buying the best Cooking Stove:

1.Gas Stove size

2.Type of Burners

3.Number of Burners

4.Gas Stove Surface

5.Control Knobs

6.Auo Vs Manual Ignition



9.ISI Marked or not

10. Safety Measures

11.After sales Service 


FAQs on the Best 3 Burner Glass top Gas Stove in India:


Q: Glass top or Stainless steel gas stove– Which one to choose?

Both Glass top and Stainless steel top have their pros and cons.



Glass Top Gas Stove:

The glass top gas stoves are of three(3) categories: 4mm, 6mm and mm thickness. Premium glass top gas stoves have either 6mm or 8mm thickness. They look sleek and elegant.

But, ordinary quality glass tops may not withstand extreme heat and are prone to crack. So, the thicker the glass top, the better it is.


Stainless Top gas stove:

The age-old stainless steel gas stove has still not lost its shine and popularity. They are easy to handle, rough use, and durable. But, they are not so attractive like glass tops.



Glass top gas stoves have significantly made their mark with better performance, durability and look. Moreover, some companies are offering a lifetime warranty with their glass top in order to win the trust of the buyers.


If your cooking needs are not so heavy and are looking for a beautiful looking, modern and stylish gas stove, then definitely go for the glass top gas stove.

Q: If  3 Burner Gas Stove is good or bad for you?

Surely it is good to use 3 burner gas stove. For an Indian kitchen, 3 burner is the perfect combination for a medium size kitchen with not song long and wide kitchen slab.

If you have a family of five members, then go for the 3 burner cooktop as a 4 burner one will be too large to handle and a 2 burner will be small for you. A 3 burner oven does not occupy a lot of space compared to a 4 burner one.

Moreover, the longer and slender shape of a 3 burner gas stove perfectly match your kitchen table space, which is a very important aspect to think of. If you want to save your valuable kitchen space, then you can opt for the 3 burner gas stove without any hesitation. 

last but not the least, for many people 3 is the lucky number. So, from the Vastu point of view also, 3 burner gas stove will be your exact choice.

Q: How Many Burners Required?

Gas stoves come generally with 4 types of Burners.

•Single or 1 burner

•Double or 2 burner

•Triple or 3 burner

•Quadruple or 4 burner


2 and 3 burner gas stoves are widely used

Whether you should buy 1, 2, 3 or 4 burner gas stove depends upon your:

Family size



The basic rule is as under:

•1-Burner gas stove-  ideal for a bachelor or single individual

•2-Burner gas stove- Suitable for a small  2 or 3 members family.

•3-Burner gas stove- Perfect for medium 4 to 5 members family.

•4-Burner or more gas stove- best for a large 5 or more members family.


If a number of meal items need to be cooked at a particular time like during the rush morning hour, the 3 or 4 burner cook stove is best suited for you. It will save both your time and energy.

Q: What should I choose? Brass or aluminium burner?

Both brass and aluminium burners have their merits and demerits.

Aluminium Burner:

Aluminium burners are made of aluminium only. However, They can absorb heat quickly. But they are not durable and long-lasting. Moreover, they can not withstand extreme heat for a longer period.

Brass Burner:

On the other hand, Brass is made of copper and zinc. They are durable, long-lasting, and elegant looking. Brass material can tolerate high temperature.

Brass Burners: Pros and Cons


•Durable in all weather and heat condition

•Corrosion resistant

•Gas saving


They are costly


Aluminium Burner: Pros and Cons


•Heats up quickly

•low melting point

•Cheaper than the brass burner


•Not corrosion resistant

•Easily breaks apart

• Need to replaced frequently

•Recurring cost is high


Q: What should be the size of the gas stove?

It depends upon the size of your kitchen slab or cabinet top where you want it to keep.

For a 2-feet or 60 cm slab length, go for a two-burner gas stove.

For more than 2-feet long (80 cm), choose 3-burner or 4 burners.

Stove models generally come with a width of 70cm, 80cm, or 90 cm.


Useful Tip:

Measure the length and width of the kitchen slab with a measuring tape. Then select your gas stove according to the measurement. Every gas stove company mentions the length, width and height of the gas stove on the covering box.


Q: What types of cooktop burners are available?

They are mostly of three types:

Large burner( with high flame):

 for boiling dal, potatoes, and frying fast food.

Medium burner( with medium flame):

For cooking rice, curry etc.

Small burner(with low flame):

Suitable for simmering and slow cooking.


Q: Should I choose Manual Ignition or Auto Ignition?

Both manual and auto-ignition have their advantages and disadvantages.

Manual Ignition:

You need to light your gas burner with a match-stick or lighter, but the process is unsafe. Mishandling may cause burn injury. But, it is not expensive at all. The only thing you need is to be a little careful while lighting the matchstick or lighter.


Auto Ignition:

No need to ignite a matchstick or lighter. Just turn the knob of your gas stove and the burner will light up automatically. It is safer than manual ignition.


But remember, the repairing cost of the auto-ignition is high. Also, the gas stove model with auto-ignition facility comes with a higher price tag.


Q: Should I consider the price while buying a gas stove?

Definitely. Price is the most important factor. We all want a decent gas stove at a reasonable price. If I can manage to buy a cooking stove with better features and comparatively at a low price, then I should go for it.

 Certain companies(especially the new companies) offer gas stoves at a greater discounted price with better features in order to win the trust of the customers.


Q: What about the warranty period?

Warranty is one of the important things to consider while selecting a gas stove. Most gas stoves are available at a standard warranty period of  1 or 2 years. Some even offer a higher warranty period of 5 to 7 years.


Q: Is it important to look for ISI marks?

Yes, it is. ISI stands for Indian Standard Institution. It is a government organisation that looks after the safety and quality of a product.

By ISI mark the govt is assuring us that the gas stove has maintained all safety measures and all quality control measures while manufacturing the product. We should look for the ISI mark while purchasing a gas stove.


Q: What to look at the control knobs?

 Since Control knobs are the brakes of a gas stove, they are used to ignite and control the flame of a kitchen stove and the number of burners, the number of control knobs are. 

 So, do check your control knobs properly as to whether they are in perfect alignment with the burners because  Control knobs with uneven match cause trouble in the smooth functioning of the cooktop.

Control knobs should be comfortable to grip, smooth to turn on and off.


Q: Do companies provide after-sales service?

Most of the companies provide after-sales service within the warranty period. So, look for the customer care numbers of the company, in case, any service is required within the warranty period.

Though a local gas technician can solve almost all your gas stove related issues, you have to bear the expense for the service. 

Generally, the service done by the company within warranty period comes free of cost. 



We have provided you with our list of Best 3 burner glass top gas stove in India. Now, it is your turn to pick the best one. Please do write in the comment section below for any further query. 






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