Advantages & Disadvantages Of Water Purifier

A water filter system  removes up to 95% of fluoride from the tap water, harmful to teeth and bones

water filter system will help reduce the amount of lead that may be present in your tap water, which is especially dangerous for children under Six.

A  good quality filtration system can remove up to 97% of mercury from the tap gas, which is very dangerous to health as it can cause cancer.

Owning a water filter system will save you money by providing fresh, clean drinking water right at your tap without any extra cost or effort.

If the water filter is connected to a water tap, you need an expert technician to install it. Besides, you have to pay installation charges. 

The filter needs to be replaced monthly or quarterly. Therefore, it is almost like a recurring cost for your budget.

Over purification of water may reduce the quality of drinking water by eliminating essential minerals.