Best Biodegradable Dustbin Garbage Bag 2021


  • Eco Friendly
  • Bad Smell free, Odour Block Technology
  •  Perfectly Leakage proof
  •  New boxes with (PREMIUM QUALITY) mark
  • Bag on Roll with Detachable tie-tape to tie the Bag after use
  • Star sealed bottom provides extra strength and prevents any leakage
  • A most convenient method of Garbage disposal to maintain Cleanliness and Hygiene
  • Made of Virgin Raw Material.
  • Also known as Trash Bag / Dustbin Bag
  • Comes in 6 Rolls (90 Bags)
  • Large Size (60 cm x 81 cm)


Product description


Shalimar Virgin Garbage Bag Large Size (60 cm x 81 cm) comes in 6 Rolls (90 Bags). Each Roll has 15 Bags. Each bag has a unique detachable tie-tape to tie the bags after use and for easy disposal. They are tough, thanks to a special type of star seal at the bottom. It comes with a perforation technology for quickly separating the bags from the roll.

Multipurpose Bags

These versatile, durable bags can help you tackle everyday kitchen waste, post-party clean-up, store seasonal items, collect donations, or clean up your basement, garage or yard. Shalimar Multipurpose bags are available scent-free, Odor Block Technology.

Dust Bin Liners

Three inches wider, Shalimar Trash Can Liners provide an ideal lining for large trash containers in areas such as your garage or basement. They’re also useful for parties or other occasions when you need a bigger bag for household trash.

Lawn & Leaf

Depend on Shalimar strength for tough yard cleanup jobs. These strong, extra-large bags resist the punctures and tears that come with bagging leaves, twigs, sticks, and grass clippings.

SIze Chart

Inside and out, this strong trash bag is made from a thicker gauge plastic than ordinary white kitchen bags with greater capacity to tackle serious cleanup tasks.


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